Expressions of Interest for IPL Partner Rights

Expressions of Interest for IPL Partner Rights

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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (“BCCI”) wishes to grant certain rights in relation to The VIVO Indian Premier League (“IPL”) as set out below.

The BCCI invites third parties to indicate their interest in acquiring any of the following rights in relation to the IPL:

(a) IPL Official Partner Rights, as summarized in Appendix 1,

(b) IPL Strategic Time Out Partner Rights, as summarized in Appendix 2,

(c) IPL Umpire Partner Rights, as summarized in Appendix 3

together the “Rights”. The Rights set out herein are standard rights made available by BCCI to its Partners; however the same are open to negotiation and customization. The Rights are available in respect of the list of product categories set out in Appendix 4 (each a “Product Category”) for a minimum three year term.

No more than one third party will be granted rights in relation to each Product Category. BCCI intends (but shall not be obliged) to appoint up to a maximum of six Official Partners, one Strategic Timeout Partner and one Umpire Partner. Third parties may express an interest in acquiring the Rights in respect of more than one Product Category but no single third party will be appointed as an IPL Official Partner, IPL Strategic Timeout Partner or IPL Umpire Partner in respect of more than one Product Category.

The grant of the Rights shall be conditional upon the relevant third party entering into a binding agreement with BCCI, the form of which will be sent by BCCI to any relevant third party. No legally binding obligations shall be assumed by or imposed on BCCI or its nominated representatives in connection with this document and its subject-matter, and none of the Rights shall be granted until such time as a binding agreement is entered into by BCCI and any relevant third party.

Neither BCCI nor its officers, employees and/or agents shall, in any circumstances whatsoever, be responsible or liable in any manner or mode by whatever name called or described for any costs, liability, losses, damages or expenses of any kind whatsoever incurred or suffered in connection with this document or as a consequence of the preparation or delivery of any EoI.

Neither the publication of this document nor any part of its content is to be taken as any form of offer capable of acceptance or any commitment or acknowledgment on the part of BCCI to proceed with any EoI or any third party and BCCI reserves the unfettered right not to grant any or all of the Rights at any without giving any reasons.

Interested third parties (including but not limited to a marketing agency) wishing to acquire any of the Rights should make an Expression of Interest in the manner prescribed below.

Each EoI should:

  • contain the full name and address of the relevant third party,
  • indicate which of the Right/s the third party is interested in acquiring,
  • indicate the Product Category or Product Categories in respect of which the third party is interested in being appointed as an IPL partner.

Marketing agencies may submit an EoI subject to the following criteria:

  • an EoI submitted by a marketing agency must be in respect of no less than 3 IPL Official Partnerships and each of the IPL Strategic Timeout and IPL Umpire Partnership Rights,
  • the marketing agency must include details of its experience in selling rights which are the same as or similar to the Rights together with its outline strategy for selling the Rights,
  • the marketing agency must have annual turnover of not less than Rs 50 crores as set out in its latest audited annual accounts for the financial year ending no earlier than 31st December 2016 and which should be delivered together with the EoI.

Third parties wishing to acquire the Rights on their own behalf do not need to comply with the above criteria for marketing agencies when submitting EoIs. The Rights and also the relevant fees to be paid for the same will be discussed after the delivery of EoIs, with each third party having submitted an EoI and third parties need not include any indicative level of fees for acquiring the Rights in their EoIs.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that BCCI shall not be obliged to award the Rights to the third party which indicates willingness to pay the highest fees in the course of discussions/ negotiations with BCCI after submitting an EoI. BCCI’s decision in this regard will also depend on a number of other relevant factors including but not limited to the manner in which the third party intends to exploit the Rights and the potential impact of the same on brand IPL as also the fan/ viewer experience, which will be examined/ evaluated by BCCI in the course of discussions/ negotiations with interested third parties who submit an EoI.

Each EoI must be delivered by email to the following address: and must be received by 5.00pm IST on 17th January 2018. Any EoIs received after this deadline will not be considered unless BCCI decides otherwise at its discretion.

BCCI anticipates a period of negotiation with third parties submitting EoIs till 31st January 2018, and does not intend to consider any offer for the Rights which is received after 31st January 2018. The above time schedule is subject to revision by BCCI in its discretion.