Experience traditional life amidst comfort and luxury at Chhattisgarh

Experience traditional life amidst comfort and luxury at Chhattisgarh

 Chhattisgarh Tourism plans to initiate interesting and innovative home-stay establishment for tourists 

New Delhi, Travellers can now enjoy an incredibly unique vacation midst the exotic tribal culture and pristine natural beauty of Chhattisgarh. In its constant endeavour to offer an innovative experience to the domestic and international tourists, Chhattisgarh Tourism is now concentrating on providing tourists the opportunity to transport themselves to the colourful tribal life with its Bed & Breakfast and Home Stay Establishment Scheme.

The initiative will introduce the traditional Chhattisgarhi lifestyle to the tourists wherein they can stay with the local tribal families and savour the Chhattisgarhi cuisines, lifestyle and culture. They can soak in the exquisite tribal crafts, rich tradition and stunning landscapes, thus allowing tourists a redefined travel experience.

The program is also envisioned to help in improving and increasing the stay facilities at a tourist location which can thus be developed as a unique benefit for the local community.

To promote the initiative, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board jointly hosted a workshop with Ministry of Tourism, Government of India recently on “Incredible India Bed & Breakfast/ Home Stay Establishment” scheme at Hyatt, Raipur.

The workshop witnessed the presence of tourism and hospitality institutions, certified guides, hotels, businesspersons related to tourism sector, members of travel trade and hospitality industry along with various District Administration Officers representing the Chhattisgarh Tourism Board. Mr. Vikas Rastogi, Regional Director, Ministry of Tourism presented a brief presentation to provide more information about the ‘Bed & Breakfast Scheme’, with which the board seeks to rejuvenate the tourism sector of the state.

Mr. Santosh Misra, Managing Director, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board said, “We are looking to incorporate the ‘Home Stay’ facility with rural tourism and make it amongst the top tourism USP’s of the state. The scheme not only introduces the tourists to the rich culture, lifestyle and traditions of this vibrant state but also makes them privy to the local living standard which enriches their tourism experience in the state. Chhattisgarh is a state that boasts of its unmatched tribal culture and we seek to develop this culture as a highlight of the experiential approach of the tourism environment.’’

Mr. Vikas Rastogi, Regional Director, Ministry of Tourism said, “Today with tourism becoming an important revenue earner for the economy, the focus has shifted to new-age tools that offer tourists a radical experience. Today’s tourists are not just content with guided tours or photo-ops but want to delve deeper into local culture and tradition for a more ingrained experience. It is thus that we are embarking upon this ‘Bed & Breakfast Scheme’ that will strengthen our tourism giveaways, and will enable us to provide a holistic experience to the tourists. With this scheme, we seek to provide the real rustic and traditional living experience that will enable them to appreciate and understand and appreciate the local culture in a better way.”

With this experiential culture, the Board also aims to accentuate the state’s unique attractions like waterfalls, ancient temples, tribal culture, flora & fauna along with traditions and cuisine to create an all-round holistic experience for the tourist coming into the state.

About Chhattisgarh Tourism Board

Recognising the importance of Tourism as an instrument for socio- economic development, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board was established on 18th January 2002. As nodal agency the Chhattisgarh Tourism Board is responsible for infrastructural and institutional development, investment in facilities & hotels, wayside amenities and above all aggressive marketing & promotion for the comprehensive development.

The Board intends to promote tourism in a sustainable manner. CTB is also trying to incorporate carrying capacity analysis to the resource utilization. The state is covered with nearly 45% of the forests and 32% of tribal population therefore it offers immense opportunities for Eco-Ethno, Adventure and Cultural tourism.