Experience being launched into space on Deep Space at Adlabs Imagica

Experience being launched into space on Deep Space at Adlabs Imagica

India’s largest indoor coaster worth over USD 10 million

Are you ready to experience how it feels to be launched into space?
Well here’s your chance to be transported into the galaxy, amidst the stars and planets on  Adlabs Imagica’s newest roller coaster –  Deep Space.  This new attraction isn’t any ordinary ride but  India’s biggest indoor roller coaster that extends to a height of 56 feet, clocks speeds of 85 km’s per hour and is constructed inside a massive, dark dome.  Deep space is built on a budget of over USD 10 million and is one of the marquee attractions at the park.

Deep Space was launched by ‘the lost astronaut’ Varun Dhawan who was able to live out his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut and flying into space! The ride makes you experience what a real life adventure in space would feel like.

What is Deep Space?

∞ India’s first Dark roller coaster constructed in a massive dome

∞ Experience being launched into outer space

∞ Coaster reaches the height of about 56 feet
∞ Works on  Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM)which is a first for the country.

Speaking on the launch of the ride, Aarti Shetty, Creative Director at Adlabs Entertainment Limited says, “We are very proud to add a first of its kind coaster like Deep Space to our attractions at Imagica.

We have used the most advanced technology to create this thrilling ride and are sure it is going to be a rage amongst people of all ages. We wanted to offer something that gives audience an experience of exploring the galaxy and at the same time elevate their adrenaline rush. Deep Space embodies both these features and adds that extra edge over any other roller coaster experience in India.”

The lost astronaut Varun Dhawan, who launched the ride further added,  “I love the rollercoaster experience and am spellbound by the high that you get while riding on Deep Space.  This one is my favourite and undoubtedly one of the best rides I have ever taken; it is out of space literally.”  He further adds, “I have been to Imagica before and the team has done an outstanding job in creating an international standard theme park.”Catch a ride on India’s first dark roller coaster?

Guests are taken on a virtual trip into outer space surrounded by planets and galaxies in the attraction. The coaster reaches a height of about 56 feet as it goes through two crazy inversions at a very high speed. The ride works on the  Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) magnetic launch, which has also been used in India for the very first time. Unlike a normal roller coaster, which makes a slow first climb, through the LSM technology, Deep Space accelerates to very fast speeds in a matter of seconds. This technology was brought to Imagica by Premier rides, headquartered at Baltimore, Maryland, USA, who have created pioneering rides like the “Revenge of the Mummy” & “Mr Freeze” amongst others.  Only a few large theme parks in the world boast of having an LSM coaster and now Imagica figures in one of them.

The Lost Astronaut found at Deep Space, Adlabs Imagica

The Lost Astronaut was revealed to be Varun Dhawan, a space enthusiast, who experienced first-hand the gravity defying phenomenon of an actual space launch. Deep space is truly an opportunity for everyone to relive the experiences of an astronaut during a ride on the deep space roller coaster. The idea of “The lost astronaut” in the search for his mission was conceptualized specially for the launch of Deep Space. The aim was to add that extra bit of excitement for guests to enjoy the ride.

Adlabs Imagica opened to the public on April 18th 2013 and since than has been strategically planning an extended opening phase where in new attractions will be introduced at regular intervals. By offering a mix of story-play and live experiences, this park is unique in terms of its international standards, scale, stature and the experience.

About Adlabs Imagica:

Adlabs Imagica is the flagship venture of Adlabs Entertainment Limited (AEL). AEL is promoted by Mr. Manmohan Shetty. Adlabs Imagica is now poised to be India’s first theme park destination, offering entertainment, fun, action, relaxation, dining, shopping and accommodation at a single location. The group has assembled a highly diversified and multi-dimensional team for development and implementation of project. The international theme park will be a celebration of the family entertainment and international wholesome experience that will now be available in India.