Everything Can Be Fixed But Love – Rangdaari Video Out!

Everything Can Be Fixed But Love – Rangdaari Video Out!

Rangdaari BT Final Pic

Rangdaari is inspired from lines of Munir Naizi’s Punjabi poem which nails the crux of the film. Sudhir Mishra’s Daasdev, slated to hit the theatres on 20th April has embarked on its last lapse to release and the makers have dished out the final song- Rangdaari that sums up the film.

Composed by Arko Mukherjee, sung by him as well and Navraj Hans, Rangdaari is an up tempo love ballad and the video to go with it is sleek and stylized. It features Rahul Bhat as Dev and Richa Chaddha as Paro while delving into Dev’s angst and Paro’s fiery spirit. Rangdaari takes the audience straight to the heart of the narrative, the element which has rendered Devdas its cult status- LOVE.

Talking about the song Sudhir Mishra stated, “My telling of the story may have taken a reverse spin and Shakespeare may have influenced my thinking but what remains undisturbed is love triggering people into taking risks to protect the ones they care for. So, experienced & lost, unrequited, the passion in it, sincerity and dedication can’t be tampered with if you are dealing with Devdas in any form. Given that my narrative has a political back drop, a dynasty which is addicted to power; it is laced with its inherent complexities. The dilemma faced by characters in Devdas is no different than those faced in Daasdev, the premise could be different. Rangdaari sums up the attitude of the film that you cannot dump those who you claim to love. In a nutshell – Everything can be fixed but Love”.

Richa is seen sizzling in gold and the chemistry between the new age Dev and Paro is palpable in the video. If the trailer gave out various nuances of love then Rangdaari serves it hot in epic proportions.

Produced by Sanjeev Kumar of Saptarishi Cinevision and Presented by Gaurav Sharma of Storm Pictures, Daas Dev releases worldwide on the 20th Of April.

The ‘essence’ of the verse:

Kuj unj Vi rahvaan okhiyan san

Kuj gal vich gham da tauk vi si

kuj sheher de lok vi zaalam san

kuj saanu maran da shok vi si 

 The times and the factors of the world I lived in were pitted against me and I was self-destructive as well. (Essence)

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