Every Success Comes After A Failure- Bhoop Yaduvanshi

Behind every successful man there definitely is a rejection story to speak of, and the upcoming star surely vouches for this. Bhoop, who will soon be seen making his debut in playwright turned filmmaker Akashaditya Lama’s Cigarette Ki Tarah, owes his foray into Hindi film industry only on the rejection from a Television show! “I have been a model for many a fashion shows and was also among one of the finalists in Gladrag’s model hunt a couple of years ago. I had always been inclined towards acting and tried auditioning for one of the popular TV Shows. Sadly, with the perception of ‘models can’t act’ hovering around, they turned me down. And thankfully that rejection came about otherwise I wouldn’t have been in this film today!” says the actor. Right after his stint with modeling, Bhoop took to theater in a big way in a bid to learn the nuances of acting. “I was sure of the fact that if I have to survive in this industry I’ve got to excel in acting. I started off with a very renowned theater troupe but back in the initial days I would only get inconsequential parts to play. However, within no time I was playing the lead role!” says the excited debutant. Bhoop thinks that there couldn’t have been a better start for him than Cigarette Ki Tarah, “The range that my character has in this film is just perfect for me to showcase my talent. Moreover, the film has a strong storyline that will definitely speak volumes when it sees the light of the day. I have put in a lot of hard work to essay my part to my best ability. I just hope it all pays well at the end,I thank Goel Films & PY Films for placing their complete trust on me as a debutante actor. Let my film come upto to their expectations since they have given me this dreamt break ” prays Bhoop. Well, a whodunit with romance at the backdrop always makes for a good watch and Bhoop sure seems a rising star!