Esha Gupta approached to speak on social media!

Esha Gupta approached to speak on social media!

Esha Gupta -- close

Riding high on the success her last release, Baadshaho, Esha Gupta has been approached by a renowned college in Delhi to deliver a speech on the importance and use of social media.

The gorgeous actress will highlight how the social media forms an integral part of our lives, and how one should not get affected by the number of trolls. Esha will be travelling to Delhi next week to address the students on the same.

Esha informs, “Trolls are basically people who have literally nothing better going for themselves, so they get online and start pulling down others who are actually trying to make a difference. Their trolls are not always restricted only to celebrities. Like I always say I am not bothered by anyone’s opinions, especially about my morals. It’s a great platform, which should be used to address issues and subjects that matter, and can make a positive difference apart from just promoting movies.”

“However, having said that, everyone also has a right to their opinion, so to each his own. And yes, I am looking forward to attend the session,” she adds.