Maldives; the image that immediately comes to mind is of a beautiful, breezy and sunny paradise, complete with snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing and other such amazing activities. But unfortunately, this weather doesn’t last all year round. If you happen to visit sometime between May and November, you’ll have to face torrential rains, and the absolutely worrisome question, “Now, what do I do?”

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of fun things you can do in Maldives, all year round, and regardless of the weather. But first, let’s check out the advantages of visiting Maldives in the rainy season (yes, there are quite a few)!

Firstly, one of the major advantages of visiting Maldives during off-season is that even rooms in five-star hotels are available at a very low rate. Similarly, the prices of all outdoor activities are slashed, so your vacation will cost you just a fraction of the normal cost.

Secondly, you’ll have the place pretty much to yourself, as the crowds will be missing, so you’ll actually get the peace and quiet that you’re looking for. That’s why the following activities will be perfect for your idyllic sojourn in paradise!

1) Spas

Maldives is famous for its spas, and you’ll find there’s one in every resort. You can pretty much enjoy them in any weather, but you’ll have extra fun when it’s raining outside, and you’re being pampered in the warmth inside.

2) Scuba diving

Yes, scuba diving is very much possible even in the monsoons. The water visibility is reliably high and the variety of marine life is quite astounding. That said, the monsoons can affect the ideal places to scuba dive. Usually, the east side of the atolls is better in the dry season and the west side in the wet.

3) Swimming

At first glance, swimming might seem like an activity for a sunny day, but not when you’re dealing with a luxurious, heated indoor pool. Even if you opt to swim outside, there’s something really magical about swimming in the rain and the water often seems even warmer when you do so. In many ways, it’s even better than swimming in the sun!

Though there are numerous ways of planning your Maldives vacation, it’s always advisable to do it through a travel company that can point you in the right direction, as far as hotels, travel and sightseeing goes.

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