English snippet on film The Amazing Spider-man​- Peop​le in Hollywood are looking out for the roles to suit Irrfan-Mar​c

When we talk about the movie The Amazing Spider-man and director Marc Webb, every Indian actor would want to be a part of the film. It would be a dream come true for any such actor! But when we talk about The Amazing Spider-man and director Marc Webb, it was Webb’s dream to cast Indian actor Irrfan Khan in it. And it is a great pride that the Indian talent is getting its fair share and recognition even in the global film fraternity.

Talent transcends boundaries, we have seen this! And in case of actor Irrfan Khan the boundaries get larger day in and day out.

His abilities are recognised by all. His performance is always applauded irrespective of whether the movie goes hit or flop! His seriousness, his sophistication, his dialogue delivery and his versatile personality adds a charm to the characters that he plays. Irrfan is the very boy Hollywood also desires to work with.

And to work with him was a dream of Marc Webb, the director of the Sony Pictures film “THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN”

Webb fulfilled his dream to work with Irrfan as he casted Irrfan in one of the important roles in The Amazing Spider-Man .Irrfan will be seen essaying a key role of Dr Ratha who is boss to Dr Curt Conner, the main villain in the movie.

Webb was all praises about Irrfan, he says, “I have been an enormous fan of Irrfan for a very long time. I first saw him in `The Namesake`, `The Warrior` and in TV series `In Treatment`. I just wanted to be able to work with Irfan and the first chance I got I persuaded him to do this role.” Adding to which he says, “It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I practically invented this role so that I could have him on board!”

Enlightening on the character of Dr Ratha, Webb says, “Irrfan’s character is very important because he is the one who is pushing the transformation of Curt Connors into The Lizard. You cannot call the character good or bad, I would say he has a job to do and he has started about doing it. For the role of Dr Ratha I needed someone who projected sophistication, had lot of strength a very commanding and somebody with a level of intellectual sophistication as Rhys presence and Irrfan fit that bill. I am so inspired by Irrfan’s craft, work ethic and wonderful humanity, I am thankful he decided to do the film. And it’s just not me, but other people in Hollywood are looking out for the roles to suit Irrfan!”

The Sony Pictures movie releases in 3D all over India on 29th June, a week ahead of USA.