Enchanting amalgamation of Kathak and Tap

Pandit Chitresh Das and Jason captivated the audiences with their remarkable energy & impeccable expressions. Panditji, the master of his art and a virtuosic performer of the classical Kathak along with Jason inspired the audiences through his talent and vigour. The act was high entertainment which crossed all boundaries of age, race and culture — a blast of incredible speed and power, grace and beauty, epic storytelling and the pure joy of dance.

The evening began with young girls from the Chhandam School of Kathak paying their respect by reciting a prayer. Then came on stage panditji’s student from California, Laboni, who has trained with him since she was 8.She performed a late night tarana, which left the audience speechless.

The energy and the excitement were infectious and it heightened itself as Jason Samuel was introduced along with his musicians from all over the world. Remarkable energy and impeccable emotions give the form a completely diverse face. Jason made the audience scream along with him. To express his emotion he incorporated a little hip hop. The kids were enjoying it. The elders liked what they saw. It was what they always wanted. The melting pot of cultures.

Guruji came on stage Shiva Vandana. The Shiva Vandana is a prayer in the form of a dance to invoke supreme Hindu God Lord Shiva. Panditji performed the dance of Shiva with unbelievable speed, enthralling footwork and fascinating storytelling technique. The audience was instilled with a sense of devotion and was mesmerized with Guruji’s captivating moves and the energetic performance was followed by Panditji demonstrated his unique creation which moved the viewers for its mere intricacies. That was Kathak Yoga,  him reciting the 10/14/16 taalas in combination with increasingly paced footwork while playing a musical instrument (Tabla) was the highlight of the show placed right in the middle of his performance took the energy in the hall to another scale.

Both together left the audience amazed. Embellishing all the differences in styles of two very unique forms they managed to showcase the larger truth of art having no boundaries, no regions.

It had an understanding like never before. Its power engulfs you into the eye of a storm. Its elegance will stimulates. The stories transport you. It is Indian tradition like you’ve never experienced before.

As an untrained audience member, said “I don’t know if this is Kathak or tap. If it’s close to tradition or not. All I felt that it was close to life. It was the closest to experiencing the power of life in 90 minutes.”