Emraan is a great kisser’ says Bipasha to Sid K on Oye! 104.8FM

Emraan is a great kisser’ says Bipasha to Sid K on Oye! 104.8FM

New Delhi – Oye! 104.8 FM Sabse filmi had an intimate time with Bipasha Basu on renowned chat show host Siddharth Kannan’s show, ‘Oye! Talkies. The show turned out to be a good mix of laughter, fun and loads of heartfelt moments where Bips spoke her heart out. When Sid said he was getting jealous of this new man in her life, she said ‘Brad’ was the name that she had given her car, because of her love for Brad Pitt. Sid further asked Bipasha that she comes across as a confident and strong lady and if is she is like that from within also? Bips replied” I am the biggest ‘Phattu’ in the world, I get scared even when someone is staring at me!’ She further said the way Sid looked at her was so cute; He had the ‘look of love’ for her!

Sid then told her she can’t be a ‘phattu’ because she has survived so many tough situations in life. Bips then opened her heart out and said ’Today I am a refined actor, lived a little more life, have seen a lot, handle situations, not just a relationship, career wise I have fallen down, come up again, I have had my run of relationship crisis, staying away from my parents for a long time, loans to pay at times I didn’t know how to pay. From 1997-2012 I lived a wholesome life, moved from 1 room  to I bhk  to 2bhk sharing with a friend, first bought a car but didn’t know how to drive and also couldn’t afford a driver. Finally my friends ended up driving so I realized there was no point of buying a car. I had a very broken life , yes sometimes broken down, sometimes very strong, so I feel I am a very evolved human being right now.’

Sid then asked her why does she not like it when people call Emraan a serial kisser? Bips went bang on saying: ‘’I accept it that Emraan is a fantastic and very good kisser but beyond that he is also a fantastic actor’

Trust Sid not to be left behind: ’By the way, even some RJ’s are great kissers!’To this both of them cracked up with peals of laughter!

When Sid asked Bipasha if she felt insecure with this newer lot of actresses hitting the big screen, she replied ‘There is only one Bipasha , Katrina, Kareena. No one can become another Bipasha , Katrina and Kareena.. You live and stay with your mark!’ replied the Raaz 3 star.

Bips also confessed that she would like to be an RJ just like Sid and call her show ‘Love yourself’ where she would make people understand how to love one’s own self. Sid naughtily told her –‘If I had a show called Love Bipasha, it would undoubtedly get me more ratings than your show!’

Bipasha sure seemed to have the time of her life chatting with Sid K on Oye 104.8 FM