Emraan Hashmi celebrates his birthday with his fans !

Emraan Hashmi celebrates his birthday with his fans !

Emraan Hashmi who brought in his birthday with close friends and family ,also celebrated his birthday with his ardent fans who the actor personally invited ,much to their delight.

Emraan also known as the “hero of the masses”, has multiple fan clubs that are constantly in touch with him and the actor had his social media team connect with them and invite them to celebrate the day with him.

Apart from cutting the cake with him along with the media, Emraan’s fans also spent a couple of hours interacting with him at his residence – On the occasion said Emraan Hashmi, ” It’s really special to be celebrating the occasion with my fans and the media, who have been a constant support through the course of my career and I hope to interact with them more often”.

What’s more is that the actor also announced his “Facebook” page on his birthday. Sources reveal that the actor has been receiving numerous requests from his fans to join the social networking site and Emraan finally decided to launch the page on this birthday.