Emotions take over the Bigg Boss as family members enter the house

Emotions take over the Bigg Boss as family members enter the house 

Synopsis Day 108 (5)

This week, the Bigg Boss house has been transformed into a ‘home’ with the housemates’ family members paying them a visit for the task. After spending months without seeing their family members, the housemates welcome their near and dear ones with a lot of excitement.

Synopsis Day 108 (1)

The day starts with a major fight that breaks between Madhurima and Vishal. Even after several warnings from Bigg Boss and Salman Khan, they call named and hit each other. It starts when Rashami requests Vishal to make some tea. Madhurima, too, requests but Vishal refuses and says that he will make tea only for Rashami. Asim asks Madhurima to make tea instead but she retorts by saying that Vishal is incapable to do anything alone and always seeks support. Madhurima takes this opportunity to tease Vishal and calls him ‘Behenji’.

Synopsis Day 108 (2)

An agitated Vishal asks her to stop but she does not listen. Vishal throws water on her and she retaliates by splashing him with water right back. This water fight continues even after Bigg Boss warns them to stop it. Madhurima then starts hitting Vishal with a pan. The fight soon turns ugly as she picks another vessel to hit him while Rashami and Aarti intervene and stop them. Soon after, Bigg Boss announces that the fight between Madhurima and Vishal was completely unacceptable and unlike the last time, this time they won’t be able to say it is a personal matter and get away with it. He says that the two will be punished over the weekend. Vishal retaliates and says he will not take the punishment and is ready to leave the house. Rashami and Asim try and stop him but he remains adamant.

Synopsis Day 108 (3)

It’s time to announce the next captaincy task titled ‘Jaadugarni Ki Pariksha’  in which Shehnaz, Mahira, Shefali, and Aarti are locked in a setup that resembles a haunted forest. At regular intervals, temptations will enter the house and if the contestants leave the block, they will have to give up on the captaincy. The other housemates have to stay remain in the freeze position until the temptation is in the house. The temptation is none other than the family members of the contestants and as the first doorbell rings, Aarti’s brother Krushna enters the house and calls her out.

Synopsis Day 108 (6)

Without any second thoughts, Aarti goes and hugs him tightly.The brother-sister duo has an emotional conversation as Krushna gets teary-eyed and tells Aarti that the whole family is very proud of her as she has played the game with utmost dignity. Krushna hugs Aarti tightly and says how he is proud to see her survive for four months.  Bigg Boss tells Aarti that another small surprise awaiting her in the storeroom. The small surprise turns out to be Krushna’ kids. Aarti’s happiness knows no bounds and she hugs them tightly. The two kids perform a special dance on the song ‘Malhari’ they specially prepared for their ‘Bua’

What punishment will Bigg Boss give to Madhurima and Vishal?

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