Emmay Entertainment is breaking grounds

Emmay Entertainment is breaking grounds 

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Nikhil advani, Monisha Advani and Madhu Bhojwani are business partners and their production emmay entertainment is breaking grounds..Emmay entertainment has made real drama genre with commercial sensibilities like D Day and Airlift..this production house, which is the baby of Nikhil, Monisha and Madhu, has one main objective -to always protect their stakeholders fro risks. 

Excited by the massive response to Airlift, Madhu, who handles finance and operations, says, “The success of this film gives us confidence to move forward and explore subjects that are unconventional, yet dramatic.“

Monisha, who is in charge of production, tells us that besides Nikhil’s next directorial, their three other projects are being developed. She says, “Airlift is a symbol of validation as it’s our first film with a new director. It gives us strength and encourages us to hope that our new films with first-time directors are received as well.“ Moreover, they’re also producing a TV serial for a leading channel and a web series.

Nikhil, who leads talent acquisition and assembles projects, says that as a company , they wish to associate with subjects that champion the human spirit. He says, “Whether it’s the story of an underdog who dreams of making it as a singer, a simple love story or a fresh take on friendship and love, we want our films to connect. Just like the subject of the world’s largest human evacuation of Indians during the Gulf War resonated with me. I didn’t know how it could be made, but I knew it had to be attempted.“