Elders with young heart celebrates Valentine’s Day

Elders with young heart celebrates Valentine’s Day

India Media Link & Events Management organized the most romantic and memorable day named ‘Prem Kavya Din’ for the senior citizen couples in Mumbai

Today where youth of our nation is busy in preparing for upcoming valentine day, the elders of society are not far behind. To make this beautiful day come real and to celebrate the Valentine’s Day, the day of love and affection, Mr K. Ravi, Director India Media Link & Events Management organized a day tour for around 50 senior citizen couples.

India Media Link & Events Management organized a day activity for the senior citizen couples, where each couple enjoyed an opportunity of expressing their love in the air. Each couple was thrilled to fly in chopper and have an aerial view of Mumbai for around 20 minutes.

Adding to the excitement, the senior citizen couples where accompanied by several young couples travelling together to Gateway of India with aptly decorated open air bus. Lots of surprises and activities were planned during the travel to keep the couples high with energy and excitement. The evening romance was sailing for long along with delectable dinner. The thematically decorated spacious boat named Prem Kavyanchya Kashtit Leheranchya Mastit’ was filled with flower, music and warm lights for young and senior couples both.

Mr. K Ravi, Director, India Media Link & Events Management said, “We decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently with a view to honour and recognize the countless contributions and sacrifices senior citizens have made throughout their lives to families, communities and the nation. This initiative is our small positive contribution for them. There are several parents who are left alone by their children; our idea is especially to give them their best moments and revive their beautiful memories. I am very happy and grateful to see that film veterans and dignitaries are taking interest in our activities and supporting us.”

The entire event is managed and planned systematically for which doctors and medical facility was at disposal. Each couple had a personalize attention considering their health and age to avoid any obstacles.  Adding further Mr K Ravi said, “This unique way of celebrating love will rejuvenate them and create strong bonding between the couples. We are giving them an opportunity to be together on this day of love, making it a day they cherish forever.”

The romantic day observed presence of Eknath Gaikwad along with several other dignitaries.