Dr Abdul Kalaam Azad to give awards at Medscape India National Awards on 20th April at Tulip Star,Juhu

Dr Abdul Kalaam Azad to give awards at Medscape India National Awards on 20th April at Tulip Star,Juhu

Abdul Kalaam Azad to give awards to the different doctors from different fields in medical categories of Medscape India National Awards .The award function will be at Tulip star ,juhu .The award is organised by Dr.Sunita Dube.The money will go to Save the girl child foundation.The guest are –

Shri. Suresh Shetty (Health Minister)
Shri. Naseem Khan (Textile Minister)
Smt. Varsha Gaikwad (Minister of Women & Child Development)
Shri. Rumi Jafeery (Film Director)
Shri. Jitendra Kapoor
Police Commisioner 
Swami Agnivesh (Social Activist)
Shri. Govinda Ahuja 
Shri. Manoj Tiwari
Shri. Rao Saheb Shekhawat ( M.L.A. Amravati)

The award will be hosted by Soumya Tandon and performance by Gurmeet-Debina, Rehman Khan comedy, Ritu Pathak.

MedscapeIndia is a Social organization which aims to address
various healthcare issues in the entire India. Established in 2006, the initiative of MedscapeIndia is to work towards bringing various medical specialty bodies, organizations and individuals onto a common platform so that they can work together to bring a holistic and fair healthcare system in the country that is affordable to the common man. We have team of health Expertise and their Presidents of almost 21 separate councils, federation of gynecology & obstetrics, Neurological Society of India, Association of Pharmaceutical, Indian Dental Association, Dental, Ayurvedic Homeopathic council other medical bodies.
This social organization has got a Vision of endowing it as an ethical body in Healthcare Sector by achieving standardization in duties and principles of Healthcare practices. And Mission of nurturing a feel of integrity among the medical fraternity of all genre and the stakeholders to overcome the issue concerning Socio – scientific Quality & Proximity of services in Healthcare industry.

MedscapeIndia was established with a vision of standardizing the duties and principles of medical practice, research, indigenous equipment, protecting the rights of both doctors and patients and highlighting the social responsibilities of the medical fraternity and motivating them to work as a single unit. Since its inception,
MedscapeIndia has conducted an array of surveys that point
out the issues faced by the healthcare sector. According to its
research, there is a massive infrastructural issue that is impacting the basic functioning of healthcare in India. Additionally, it is also observed that there exists communication gap between the patients and the doctors. The team of MedscapeIndia has proposed to the government to introduce SMART DOCS in the MBBS Curriculum that will help better compliance with patient & social responsibility.

We are running Health Awareness & Save the Girl Child
Campaign to increase female population in the Country.
We have been instrumental in crusading against the most
heinous and most diabolic female foeticide by not only sensitizing the medical community but also addressing the root cause of Gender discrimination embedded in the social strata by various innovative methods continuing our mission of Service, we at now MedscapeIndia along with Govt. hopes to spread the message of girl infanticide and foeticide through a unique way such as our song related to saving a Girl Child is going to launch soon which is written by Mr. Sameer Anjaan & Mrs. Asha Bhosale is going to sing,
that will appeal to all age group of our community & for better sensitization of our Citizens.