Dr​.​ P.V.Vaidyanathan’​​s ​Why Not Use Some Common Sense?​ The book was released in the presence of ​Arbaaz Khan​​ ​

Dr​.​ P.V.Vaidyanathan’​​s  ​Why Not Use Some Common Sense?​ The book was released in the presence of ​Arbaaz Khan​​ ​

Leadstart Publishing and Title Waves, Bandra West,​ ​hosted the book launch on an evening of​ ​4th April​ ​2015. The evening saw the book launch of ​​Dr. ​P.V.Vaidyanathan’s “Why Not Use Some Common Sense”?​ and was unveiled by Actor & Producer Mr. Arbaaz Khan

The event set the tone of a causal, light and a very lively atmosphere. ​​Dr. P.V.Vaidyanathan’s spoke about his book​​​ Why Not Use Some Common Sense?​ He said, “We humans struggle to use the gift of common sense in so many areas of our lives, despite being blessed with the power of intelligence, logic, imagination and analysis. The simple truth is that we could handle situations better and solve dilemmas just by applying some common sense.​​​”

Indian Actor and Producer Arbaaz Khan said,” I would like to congratulate Dr. P.V.Vaidyanathan on his new book launch. This book is very well conceptualized and I enjoyed reading it. It serves to overcome negative emotions like anger, frustration, unhappiness and guilt, and I am sure this book will be loved by the audience as well.”

Mr. Swarup Nanda, CEO, Leadstart Publishing ​ said “Leadstart is very honored to associate with Dr. P.V.Vaidyanathan. He is a very clever writer, who focuses more on letting away negative emotions. I wish him good luck and success in all his future endeavors. We sincerely thank Mr. Arbaaz Khan for being a part of the book launch event.​ “

The evening also saw the presence of Poonam Sinha, Kunickaa Lal and Murli Sharma.