An eclectic experience of bespoke fashion by Akshay Tyagi

On View at Futura Living Art

“Double Decker” a unique  designer launch showcase paying homage to Mumbai, offering an eclectic experience of bespoke fashion by Akshay Tyagi on view at Futura Living Art Showroom. 

The Double Decker collection will be on view in a Pop-Up Shop at Juhu Circle from  December 7 -January 10,2013.


Showcasing Contemporary Cocktail Saris and Women’s Western Garments from the Spring.Summer 2013 Collection recently launched at Turf Club on Nov 1.

A first time showcase Fashion inspired entirely by the manic world of Mumbai; “Double Decker” invites you to experience a dynamic adventure as seen through Art, Culture and Design.



An exclusive presentation of works in an eclectic design by Akshay Tyagi for his eponymous label (fashion) celebrating the vivacity of the city we love to love.

“Double Decker” aims to capture the inexplicable joy of Mumbai’s interconnected eccentricities.
It translates perspective into design, as an extension of his individual experiences in this bustling cacophony of honking cars and wailing vendors.
His specific works created and inspired exclusively for Mumbai BY Mumbai .