“DOUBLE DECKER” A Mumbai inspired furniture line by Anjali Mody On view till 30th November

“DOUBLE DECKER” A Mumbai inspired furniture line by Anjali Mody 
On view till 30th November 

“Double Decker” a unique  designer launch showcase paying homage to Mumbai, offering an eclectic experience of bespoke furniture
by Anjali Mody is on view at the Peninsula Corporate Park till 30th November 2012 

A first time showcase of Furniture inspired entirely by the manic world of Mumbai, “Double Decker”  is a dynamic  adventure as seen through Art, Culture and Design. An exclusive presentation of works in an eclectic design by Anjali Mody  celebrating  the vivacity of the city we love to love, with stunning installations.

“Double Decker” captures the inexplicable joy of Mumbai’s interconnected eccentricities. The show translates perspective into design, as an extension of their individual experiences in this bustling cacophony of honking cars and wailing vendors.

About Anjali Mody:


Born in the heart of contemporary Mumbai, my aspirations lie in revolutionizing expression through design. 

My ethos centers around an ingenuity bound only by functionality that is achieved by a surreal juxtaposition of opposites. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, I choose these opposites from the contrasts and segmentations I see around me and develop them into my personal aesthetic. I like to play with the familiar and turn it upside down, using exaggerated shapes and unconventional materials in a imaginative way.

In essence, the magic lies within transforming radical ideas into purposeful furniture – pieces that, in fact, speak to you. Pieces custom made to fit together, but more importantly, to fit you.

Living by the virtue that ‘Thoughts become Things’ I never shy away from the challenge of converting intangible ideas into tangible objects in a hope that this fresh approach to design will encourage my clients and peers to be more expressive of their personal style through the objects that adorn their homes.


Anjali Mody graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design. After returning to India, with a strong creative passion burning within, Mody engaged in two creative ventures. 

In 2010 Mody founded Josmo Studio, a boutique furniture design studio, creating individualist, bespoke furniture that caters to the specific needs of the buyer. Despite being a young studio, Josmo has managed to take leaps and bounds in the furniture industry, having collected a reputable clientele base extending throughout the country a few of which include The Piramals, Mr. Sunil Munjal, The Mittals, & The Kilachands.

Her work ranges from designing eccentric bedside tables for personal homes, to fashioning designs for mass operations for hotels and casinos. One of her biggest projects currently entails outfitting an upcoming Hotel and Casino in Daman.

She is simultaneously engaged in founding and running Skarma; a Creative Agency where she is one of four partners. Skarma, also founded in 2010, is on its’ way to defining the highest standard of design during India’s much needed design revolution.

Mody’s philosophy is to blend “necessity” with “artistry.” Through these creative ventures, Mody seeks to transform the arena of design in India, by opening India up to the world, exposing it to new ideas and innovations, and more importantly, by opening the rest of the world up to India and its innate, creative ingenuity.