Zubair , Aabid & Farrah--

Yes ! You have read it right . This is the brain child of Producer Director Zubair Khan who has conceptualized this Psycho Thriller and is highly excited with the results of the just completed film. When asked to divulge the details he confessed that it is best enjoyed viewing the whole process rather than explaining and it may rest on being abstract to sheer thriller experience.

Zubair - Farrah - Aabid and the team

Produced under the banner of Garbage Productions , starring Farrah Kader & Aabid Shamim in lead roles.

 Film Still - Farrah kader

As for Farrah it has been a very challenging assignment and the bold character she portrays has many shades to its persona and she has enjoyed shooting every bit of it.

Film Still

She is equally excited and waiting for the film to hit the theatres.

Farrah Kader - Film Still

Farrah at her sensuous best !

Farrah Kader

In a dialogue with Aabid who is playing an important role has quite a lot to say about the film and in a very candid manner expresses himself about the film and his future projects.

 Zubair , Aabid

1 ) Hi Aabid after Aalaap what made you sign this film  ?

“AALAAP” (my 1st film) took almost one & half year to release. As it was my 1st ever break it was only me & people connected to the film who knew about it. Rest of the world hardly knows about it. So my struggle was same as before & till those one & half years I kept approaching different casting directors for work & I fortunately kept getting TV Commercials. Commercials kept me busy all those years & no such good script came my way. But then I got attracted to this script after the narration. It was certainly a challenging role.

Aabid Shamim

2 ) What’s the scoring point of your character and how far you identify with it ?

‘ROHIT’ the character I play in this Film is a psychopath, a dual personality, a loving, caring husband one moment & a brutal, ferocious the other moment. It’s a switch on swith off kind of persona.

Aabid - Film Still

Which will make the audience sit on the edge. Honestly I as ‘AABID SHAMIM’ do not identify wid ‘ROHIT’ the character. I am not like ‘ROHIT’ at all. I am a very loving would be husband (genuinely smiles) ROHIT is completely anti AABID in rthe film’s character  & AABID is completely anti ROHIT in real life.

INSHAA ALLAH People will love AABID as an actor but they will hate ROHIT as a character which will act as a compliment.

Aabid Shamim-

3 ) How was the experience doing the film ?

After the narration I was excited to be a part of this project. The experience has been overwhelming. As I myself want to see ROHIT on screen. His craziness/madness is unexpected.

Aabid Shamim--1

4 ) How was it working with Zubair ? 

Zubair Khan is a mad man he is a Psychopath himself. ( in terms of accepting a challenge). Accepting a film & to direct is madness itself. It was smooth to work with him. He leaves his actor with the Camera provided the actor should know his job & thankfully he trusted me that ways.

 Aabid Shamim--

5 ) What are your future plans as of now besides this film ?

Besides this film “DO YOU BELIEVE IN…


Also I am continuing to work in commercials which comes my way. Plus I have shot for an International project/series called “MC MAFIA” directed by an Oscar nominated British director ‘JAMES WATKINS’. I m playing a Mafia in it.

As for Bollywood I am open to projects & roles which could challenge me as an actor. There are some in the pipeline in coming days.