Director Shoojit Sircar’s Hidden Avatar on October sets

Director Shoojit Sircar’s Hidden Avatar on October sets

Varun Dhawan and Shoojit Sircar

While we are looking forward to watch the unique love story of October, which Shoojit Sircar has beautifully created, we have finally figured out a secret talent the director holds, which was revealed on the sets!

Shoojit Sircar is known to be a director whose key trademark is to extract the best out of his actors, morphing into real and relatable characters for the audiences to own. Each actor who has worked with him surrenders themselves completely to his vision, and rightly so!

During the shoot of October both Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu discovered the secret talent of their director which helps all his actors to give their best performance.

Shoojit Sircar gave a glimpse into his talent as an actor time and again on set while discussing scenes! The director is so impeccable with his acting skills, that Varun and Banita would not only understand what the scene required from them  but also follow every emotion which Shoojit displayed.

October required a real and a natural way of dialogue performance and expression. A lot of times Shoojit would take the place of Varun and Banita in front of the camera to demonstrate the intensity or the smooth flow of conversation which was required in that particular scene.

Both the young actors were surprised at how adept Shoojit was at acting!

Produced by Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar, October stars Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu. A Rising Sun Films and Kino Works Production directed by Shoojit Sircar the film is set to release on 13th April 2018.