Director Shekhar Suman at Mulund Festival to Promote ‘Heartless’

Director Shekhar Suman at Mulund Festival to Promote ‘Heartless’

The Mulund Festival started by Mr. Charan Singh Sapra (MLA, Mulund) celebrated it’s fifth year this year over a five day fest. It is an initiative to bring together the Mulund Community and give them an opportuinity to showcase their talent.

The hype and hoopla continued at the Mulund festival with Shekhar Suman himself making an appearance on the 4th day at the Dance Competition night.

After engaging the audience with his customary wit and style, Shekhar

Suman, who marks his directorial debut with ‘Heartless, had a special live screening of the trailer in front of the 5000 plus participants.

Heartless has already been creating a buzz and making news for all the right reason after the first theatrical trailer was launched by Mr. Amitabh Bachhan.

The trailer which has already crossed over 5 million views was received just as enthusiastically by the audience at the Mulund Festival.

A nice clean film with an interesting premise is the general buzz around the trailer.

Shekhar confirms that the film is a medical thriller with a strong emotional core.

Shekhar, “Thankfully no cuss words or bawdy item numbers have been strategically placed in the trailer to pique the audience interest and judging by the overwhelming response to the trailer even at the Mulund festival, the makers of ‘Heartless’ have rightfully chosen substance and content over gimmickry and cheap trick to woo the audience.”