Director Barry Sonnenfeld of Men In Black 3

Director Barry Sonnenfeld of Men In Black 3


Menin Black 3 of Sony Pictures is all set to release on May 25th,2012 all over India in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. However, the manbehind the success of its prequels-Director Barry Sonnenfeld- has his ownjittery moments. The Director is much excited about the movie and wants it togarner as much love as its prequels. The third movie in the series of Men inBlack will return to entertain the audience after 10 years.

Barry had envisionedto give the audience the taste of old film with a pinch of innovation which iswhy he says it took ten years to bring this movie before the audience. The filmwill have familiar characters and premise of the Men in Black and who they are.It will bring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back together. But will also havenew and inventive element of Time travel.

Themovie which will be in 3D will star Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and JoshBrolin. Barry seemed zealous as he spoke about his new lead star, “Young Agent K is played by Josh Brolin, whogives a sly, smart performance as Young K that channels Jones’ mannerisms andcharacterizations while also making the character his own. The performanceswere so consistent that it was hard for me to tell where Tommy Lee Jones endedand Josh Brolin began and that made me think as if I was directing one actor.”

Barry laughs ashe recalls how the idea for the third film was born. He says, “Well, it’s funny because when we were shooting Men in Black2, Will came up with the idea for Men in Black3. And Willsaid to me one night, “Wouldn’t it be really cool if for Men in Black3, Tommy Lee Jones’ character,Agent K, disappears in the present and I have to go back to the past to savehim, and in doing so discover things I never knew.” That’s what he said. And itsounded like a great idea.”

The Men in Blackmovies are not just sci-fi but have a rare touch of comedy to it. The key toneto it to make the movie really funny, says Sonnenfeld, is for everyone to playit entirely straight. “I want the situations to be funny, but the performancesto be real, so I don’t want the actors trying to be funny.  I don’t want the composer to think ‘comedy,’because then the music will be comedy music. I don’t even want the cinematographer or the lab that develops the filmto think it’s a comedy, because the next thing I know, it’ll look toobright.  If I can surround the absurdsituation with something real, it’ll be a great comedy.”

Withthe success of it prequels, the “play it straight” strategy of Barry, is sure ahit. But will this film also appeal to the audience? It will soon be decidedonce this Sony Pictures film releases on May 25th, 2012.