Diljit On A Social Spree

Diljit On A Social Spree

International singer, actor, and performer Diljit Dosanjh, who is all set to make his Bollywood debut with Udta Punjab, recently created history by being the first Asian celebrity to visit the headquarters of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google all in one day.

The star, who was recently on a tour to North America surprised everyone with a completely different kind of expedition —A special social media tour. Diljit had the privilege of visiting the hub of some of the most popular social media outlets and seeing the day-to-day operations. He received an in depth tour of the facility, heard the story behind the brand, and connected with the culture that has redefined communication altogether. What makes his tour all the more interesting is the fact that the Punjabi heartthrob did all this in just one day.

Diljit began his tour with the social media giant — Facebook. After an interactive session with the team members behind this innovative social network, he headed to explore the workspace of his favorite networking site — Instagram, where he shared the glimpses of his day with his followers.

Next, on the cards was the Twitter headquarters in downtown San Francisco. He enjoyed an interactive Q&A session with the employees of twitter and also spoke about his North American tour and upcoming concerts in Michigan, California, Texas and New Jersey. The team members were excited to hear about his forthcoming movies Sardaarji and Udta Punjab.  One particular employee, who happened to be a big fan of his, wrote a poem for Diljit and recited it to him.

After the meet and greet with the employees, Diljit also picked up some tips from the staff such as downloading the periscope app, which has been gaining popularity with users. Diljit’s posts continued to be retweeted and shared across all platforms as the tour carried on.

Post Twitter, Diljit’s next destination was YouTube headquarters in San Bruno. Here, Diljit was introduced to a new tool that’s being launched by YouTube, where certain artists, who meet the criteria, are able to receive data analytics for their content. Not everyone is in this database, however, Diljit definitely was.  A snapshot was shared where Diljit could view how many total views he has had, which was over 23 million, and which videos were the most viewed. This type of information is new from YouTube and Diljit was one of the first, from the South Asian market, to see it firsthand during the visit.

The actor’s social media tour was concluded at the Google headquarters in Mountain View. The Google visit was equally fun as the others.Diljit sang for the team members and took a group selfie with everyone there.

No doubt, this popular star is active across all social media platforms, but this one of its kind tour, not only made him the first Asian to visit all these hubs in one day, but also made Diljit an expert about all the social media technologies.