Dialogue with Rajesh Ransinghe on the eve of the release of Janiva on 31st July !

Dialogue with Rajesh Ransinghe on the eve of the release of Janiva on 31st July !

Rajesh Ransinghe has had a very illustrous and active career in the fieldof Television since 1995 and till date have to his credit as an editor more than 3000 episodes , As a cameraman  has handled Corporates and Commercials films. An  International Wildlife film was shot in Bahrain Islands.

As a director from 1995 to date he has done shows on Zee TV, Star Plus, Doordarshan, Sony TV, Life OK, Sahara , Pogo, & DD 1, in genres ranging from Drama, Supernatural Thriller, One hour Bestsellers, Kids Show , Action Thriller, Love story, & Drama.

Won 2012 5th gold awards  ADAALAT                                                                                                                        

Rokkk– A Supernatural Thriller Film Starring Tanushree Dutta, Udita Goshwami, Shahad Randhawa, Sachin Kherekar, Arif Jakaria, Ashwini Kalsekar, Murli Sharma and Produced by Ikkon Films and  Sumeet Saigal.

Has Worked with most of the major production houses like : UTV , Cinevista, Contileo films, Taurus, Shri AshtaVinayak, Balaji, Modi Entertainment,Wide Angle Media, Fireworks Productions, Beyond Dreams.

Having ventured into regional space with Marathi Film “Janiva” Rajesh is all excited and bundle of nerves as he is awaiting the release of his most ambitious project as of today. In a dialogue with Hemant SanganeeRajesh Ransinghe expresses himself without mincing words about his film Janiva which is not only close to his heart but strongly feels that it has strong relevant message to give.

So Rajesh tell me what Janiva the film is all about ? 

Film JANIVA  attempts to deliver a change. Its a movie for the new generation to wake up and bring about a change in our society. Its for two generations to come at par.Its an attempt to understand how beautiful a mother child and a father child relation can be,its about your family your society and how vital they are for our growth. We are all selfish individuals,we will try and rectify only when the problem becomes ours.This story shows a fight for justice not for a family member or friend,but just for a human being who is weak and needs help.My movie is also about how there are too many loop holes in our judiciary system and many criminals get away with it.I want that our legal system should bring about a change on certain cases which are sensitive and which are not normal. I hope this attempt of mine is successful.

Well how conversant and comfortable are you with Marathi as language per say ?

Well Marathi is in my blood.and I am proud to be a  Maharashtrian. It was always my dream to be associated with  Marathi cinema as it feels like family to me. Marathi cinema has always been different, its real, its powerful and its literate.Its not everyones cup of tea.though this cinema has received its credits a bit late, but like they say its never too late.I am happy seeing my people progress because they deserve it.when u go to see Marathi cinema you know it will be exceptional and unexpected. I really hope I also make Marathi cinema proud with this attempt.

How was it working with Mahesh Manjrekar ?

I am glad that Maheshji could be a part of my film.He was a part of the song jai dev jai dev sung by Daler Mehendi.he has been a very big support throughout.thank u.i have shot a beautiful rock song a romantic song which has taken a lot of efforts.all in all this movie is very close to my heart and i hope you all watch it and relate to it.its truly an attempt from my heart to yours.

Why did you think of casting Manjrekars son  ?

I had already cast my actors including my main lead Sameer…but during mock shoot I realised I don’t want an actor I want a real performer…a talent that is raw and who will mould the way I perceive…I spoke to Mahesh ji if he can help me with cast,that is when I spotted Satya. His innocence,  his look made me sure That he is the one. I got to know him I could see his passion his hardworking nature…his understanding .basically he was a shadow of his dad.I knew instantly he Is the one…I could not work with Maheshji but his soul is a part of my film…and with his blessings I cant go wrong.

How was the Experience working on the film ?

This film is my flesh and blood…I have given it my best shot,and I don’t think I can explain my experience in words.When I started all seemed so big and difficult,but thanks to my cast and crew and all who put in hard work they made it so easy to me.I hope to work with the same team in my next movie.My actors were my pillars be it Renukatai,  Ushatai ,  Kishorji ,  Kiranji , Indira, Atulji,  Vaibhavi , Satya,Anuradha ,Dev Sanket.Thank u all !

What are you most comfortable with … Television or Films ? 

I don’t diffenciate between TV or Movies.For me direction is direction be it whatever. I don’t take up a project for money or just for the sake of making.I only take up a project when I can do justice to the script.That is why I have survived so long because I believe in quality not quantity.There have been tough times in my life where I’ve had no option but to settle for just anything,but I am proud that I stood my ground.from my point of view. Work is Worship and that’s what I do.

What are the future projects you are working on ? 

My next film I am makeing on fireman my work has started on it.
What kind of films you would love to do ?
I want to do cinema which is real and which people can relate to.I want people to remember me through my work,so I won’t say Il stick to one particular genre.I like movies with thrill ,action , & romance with emotional connect.I think I will attempt movies that will touch my soul and bring about a change in peoples lives.
What is your last word on the eve of release of Janiva on 31st July 2015 ?
I have nothing against the judiciary system…being a proud Indian..I have a problem with the fact that every case is handled with uniformity…then there are humanitarians like Pinki Virani who step out of way and fight for the rights of the needy…hats off…through this movie JANIVA I just want to highlight that every case has to be identified using a legal and emotional microscope,because if not than there could be drastic measures taken by our youth today…I would be honoured to have a special screening for  Justice Markandrya Katju, Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra and Madame Pinki Virani. I would like to know their opinion on my take of our legal system in my film Janiva directed by me  Rajesh Ranshinge.