Dia Mirza spends valuable time with UN Secretary General and fellow SDG Advocates

Dia Mirza spends valuable time with UN Secretary General and fellow SDG Advocates

Dia at UN SDG

Dia Mirza shines at the UN Climate Action Summit; spends time deriving solutions with fellow SDG Advocates

New York : Dia Mirza has always been one for teamwork and this month, she has travelled to New York to participate in the UN General Assembly along with her fellow SDG Advocates from around the world. With an aim to ignite immediate action on the climate, the UNGA is hosting multiple conferences including the Climate Action Summit and the Sustainable Development Goals Summit where Dia is playing a key role. Yesterday, the Secretary General of the UN met with all the SDG Advocates to discuss the problem and derive solutions collectively. Dia’s strong voice of concern and solution-driven approach was widely appreciated. Dia’s excellent work and love for the planet has always preceded her wherever she may go and at the UNGA this year, she proves her love and hopes to come back armed with ammunition to accelerate her work towards the environment.

The meeting with the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General and my fellow SDG advocates was extremely productive and deeply motivating. The Secretary General addressed the incumbent issue our world is confronted. I had the opportunity to talk about how much it matters to me to represent not only people and planet, but also the world’s second largest population and how urgent it is for my country to adopt the sustainable development goals – and most importantly act on climate. Because we don’t have a decade, we have to do it now.

Dia Mirza has been an environmental change maker, a voice and torchbearer for causes related to nature. She has been an advocate against single-use plastic and campaigned with the United Nations on #BeatPlasticPollution in her role as a goodwill ambassador for the environment. With an added responsibility as an SDG advocate, Dia uses every chance she has to create awareness and inspire people. Her continued efforts towards a sustainable lifestyle have shone forth in her work as well.

She has taken on multiple roles and works with various organisations in the likes of Wildlife Trust of India, Sanctuary Asia and Save the Children to use her position to reach maximum people in the country. As the forerunner in reigniting and strengthening the relation between man and nature, Dia is a champion of nature in its truest sense.