Devoleena flies into a rage after Arshi’s provocation in Bigg Boss

Devoleena flies into a rage after Arshi’s provocation in Bigg Boss

Contestants in Bigg Boss often have a knack for provocating other housemates and aggravating them to the point of breaking. And recently we witnessed the same in a major showdown between Arshi Khan and Devoleena Bhattacharjee!

Devoleena and Arshi have been giving each other the cold shoulder for a while now. But after being endlessly provoked by Arshi at last, Devoleena loses her calm. Fuelled with outrage she starts to throw things around the house and a bunch of food items at Arshi, who is absolutely stunned to see her demented reaction. It seems, not just Arshi but all the other contestants are also unprepared for the sudden outburst of Devoleena. Where everyone looks to calm her but to no avail, she even flares up at other housemates.

Rubina Dilaik, who has apparently tried to calm Devoleena, also becomes a target as she blames her for being a hypocrite. Devoleena does not seem to give heed to any of the suggestions and repeatedly demands an audience with Bigg Boss to vent her frustrations.

How will Bigg Boss react to Devoleena’s sudden outburst?

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