Desh Ki Beti Nandini – Monday to Thursday @ 9 pm

Desh Ki Beti Nandini – Monday to Thursday @ 9 pm 

Weekly synopsis  –    Nandini brings bad roads to the notice of MLA Jagdish Yadav by making him ride a cycle on that road. MLA asks her to bring all the arzees of the colony people and when she gets it, throws it in the dustbin, mocking common man’s emotions. Nandini is hurt. She tells the colony about it the next day athey decide to fill the potholes with the mud. Meanwhile, who undergoes complete transformation into a khadi man is made to go to the p-block for a casual sair in the public’s eye, but actually an attempt to connect with the common man as per Abhay’s strategy. But his plan fails when Rajvir takes a wrong turn and ends up at Nandini’s doorstep. She is shocked to see him. The whole colony is ecstatic. They share their problems with Rajvir who eats food at their house, until he realizes he is in the wrong house and the food he is eating, is not from five star hotel and he goes numb.

Episode 9 MLA Jagdish Yadav comes to the colony and rides the cycle on request from colony people in order to inaugurate the Rajouribagh Cycle Race competition. MLA falls while riding on the bad road. This way, Nandini brings the bad roads to his notice and tells him they travel on cycle or scooty everyday on this very same bad road. MLA yadav realizes his mistake and asksNandini to get the arzees of all the colony people. While Nandini is writing Arzees after listening to everyone’s problems, Abhay is talking in a presentation anout common man’s problems. Suddenly a voice is heard outside and Rajvir, Akanksha and Abhay rush out to find a common man crying asking for help from Rajvir. Rajvir is perplexed. Abhay handles the situation and just when the common man is leaving, calls him by his name. Everyone is shocked as the common man turns up with a smile on his face.

Episode 10 –  Nandini goes to the MLA’s office and hands over the thick file of Arzees to MLA yadav. MLA yadav throws it in the dustbin, ridiculing the common men and their emotions. Nandini, who comes back to take her phone, overhears him and is shocked and hurt. She tells him never to play with the emotions of a common man, while Abhay talks about playing with a common man’s emotions to get their support. Nandini leaves his office with the file, hurt and tries to hide her emotions from the colony people who are so hopeful. She shares this  with her father at night and tells him she is responsible for putting hopes in people and now she is afraid to break it. Ashok tells her it’s not her fault and she should tell everyone the truth rather than keep them unaware of the truth. Nandini agrees. Meanwhile, Rajvir who is about to represent his party PRP among common people today for the first time, undergoes a makeover into a Khadi Man. Gayatri sees her husband in Rajvir as she sees him walk towards him in the khadi look.

Episode 11 – The next day, tells the whole colony about this. She suggests to everyone to contribute money and they themselves will fill the potholes with the mud. Colony members object at first, but eventually everyone agrees. Meanwhile Abhay explains the plan to Rajvir in flash forward. Rajvir starts his new venture after making sure about his safety. Rajvir who is busy talking on phone, takes a wrong turn and enters D-block instead of P-block. He informs Abhay that he has reached p-block, but Abhay gets worried when pappu tells him he is not there yet. Even the media people waiting for Rajvir start getting restless. Rajvir finally  ends up at Nandini’s doorstep as she who is leaving for work. He nearly knocks on her foreheard. There is a pregnant pause between the two.

Episode 12 –  Nandini is shocked to find Rajvir at his doorstep, thinks he has come to thank her. Rajvir thinks Nandini’s family is the planted family and expects her to invite him in. Ritu enters with a scream and breaks the silence. The whole family is astonished. The whole hustle bustle in the colony as everyone assembles to meet Rajvir. Rajvir is feeling suffocated. Meanwhile Abhay is instructing his men to search for Rajvir and trying to call him continuously. Gayatri and Suryamaan are eagerly waiting to see the news about Rajvir and they see Rajvir is in D-block. Abhay gets to know and immediately rushes. Over there, Rajvir moves to the terrace and colony people tell him their problems. Aanchal, Ritu and Nandini get food for Rajvir and he eats it, unaware that it is not five star hotel food, until he finds out that he is in the wrong house and he goes numb with the morsel in his mouth.

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