Desh Ki Beti Nandini – Monday to Thursday @ 9 pm

Desh Ki Beti Nandini – Monday to Thursday @ 9 pm 

Weekly Synopsis – Rajvir, on realization that he is in the wrong block, immediately rushes out and this is captured and hyped by the media. Rajvir’s image is adveresly affected and Gayatri gets upset with Abhay as their plan failed. Abhay immediately gets to work and finds a solution to overcome the flaws of the first plan. He plans project pandey and according to this, pandey family is their target family and Nandini, the opinion maker, who will be given a good impression of Rajvir and party. Rajvir denies to go back to that colony, but Gayatri convinces him smartly through Ambika. Meanwhile Nandini with her colony people mend the road and fill all the potholes with mud. On falling short of mud, she goes and gets some more mud from a nearby construction site. Everyone applauds Nandini for this.

 Monday , 28th October, Episode 13 –  Rajvir, who was enjoying his lunch with the D-block colony people, suddenly realizes he is in the wrong colony and he immediately gets up and leaves. Everyone is puzzled and follow Rajvir and shower him with genda phool to show their love and respect, which unfortunately aggravates his allergies. Abhay, who by then, has discovered that Rajvir is in the wrong block, comes to his rescue and takes him home. Ambika takes care of Rajvir as he reaches home and Swaroop brings a doctor for a check up. Rajvir says he is alright. Ambika scolds Gayatri for risking her grandson’s life with her flawed strategies and plans. Gayatri feels bad and gets upset with Abhay for this reason.

 Tuesday, 29th October, Episode 14 –  Gayatri scolds Abhay for failure of his plan and in the process jeopardizing her son Rajvir’s health and safety. Abhay assures her it won’t happen again. Gayatri delegates Suryamaan to monitor and supervise Abhay’s plans and strategies henceforth. Ambika’s elder son Inder Raj, who is in the ruling party, is watching this news and he mocks Rajvir along with his son Sushant. Meanwhile, Pandey and family are watching Rajvir’s news on TV and Aanchal and Ritu get upset over their looks and media coverage. Just then Bhalla walks in and tells them he has cancelled the truck bringing the mud to fill the potholes a Rajvir has heard their problems and promised to solve them. Nandini tells him to not give another politician after MLA Yadav, a chance to play with their emotions. She brings the truck and convinces the colony people to join her in filling the potholes. Everyone agrees and joins her. Someone is clicking their photos from a distance.

 Wednesday, 30th October, Episode 15 – Colony people get agitated when one truck mud gets over and they realize they will need more. Nandini tells them to calm down and leave immediately to find a solution. Meanwhile, Akanksha is trying to reach Abhay on phone, but he is unreachable. Gayatri is worried and calls Suryamaan. Abhay, who has been missing, is sitting in his office surfing through the photos of the pandey family, which was clicked by his assistant while they were busy mending roads.  Nandini comes back to the colony with mud filled in a shaadi wala tempo and tells everyone she got the mud from a nearby construction site. Everyone applauds her and get to work again. At her home, Siddharth finds out he did not get the job he had interviewed for. He gets dejected and Nandini and Ashok motivate him before his next interview. Abhay first meets with Rajvir in his room and then goes to meet Gayatri at the party office. He tells her he has a plan to overcome the flaws of the previous plan.

 Thrusday, 31st October, Episode 16 – Abhay talks about Project Pandey where he plans to target the Pandey family and discusses about their problems. He tells them Nandini is the opinion maker. But Rajvir denies to go to D-block again. Ashok and Mishraji goes to pension office and babus ask Ashok to get their work done through Rajvir in order to get their pension. Mishraji gets agitated hearing this. Duggal gives PRP file to Nandini. Nandini goes to buy vegetables and gives the vendor a brilliant and economic idea to celebrate her son’s birthday. Meanwhile, Gayatri, who tries to convince Rajvir to do as Abhay says, to improve his image, gets upset when Rajvir says he is not bothered about what others think. Gayatri takes Rajvir to Ambika and asks Ambika to tell Rajvir that Raghuvanshis always stick to their word. Ambika has no choice, but to relent.

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