Desh Ki Beti Nandini – Monday to Thursday @ 9 p.m.

Desh Ki Beti Nandini – Monday to Thursday @ 9 p.m. 

Uttara succeds in humiliating Nandini in the party. Inderraj also succeeds in getting the information from Ambika that Rajvir is going back in 3 days. He leaks it to the media and the common people start making negative comments about Rajvir playing with their hopes. Gayatri finally is left with no choice but to do a CBI raid in her own house and she succeeds in stopping Rajvir. Rajvir announces he is not going back to London in the media. Meanwhile, Nandini’s rishta has been fixed and she goes to meet her fiancee in a coffee shop. But Abhay could not let this marriage spoil his plans and hence he plants a girl in the coffee shop who creates a misunderstanding between Rahul and Nandini, hence breaking their Rishta.

Episode 29, 25th November Monday –   Uttara succeeds in humiliating Nandini by making her clean the sauce spilled on her shoes. Rajvir sees that Nandini is sad and tries to cheer her up.  Before leaving the party, Inderraj meets Ambika and in the manner of talking, gets to know the truth about Rajvir going back to London after 3 days. Nandini winds up everything after the party and while leaving, struggles to start her scooty. Rajvir comes and helps her. Inderraj leaks the news about Rajvir leaving for London in 3 days and Gayatri is upset. She confronts Ambika for having told Inderraj the truth. She asks Abhay to call a press conference immediately. Meanwhile Pandey family is also shocked after seeing this news. Nandini decides to go to PRP office to find out the truth.

Episode 30, 26th November Tuesday –  Inderraj comes to meet Ambika and strong confrontation with Gayatri takes place. Before the press conference, Gayatri is discussing with Abhay and Suryamaan about Rajvir leaving and Nandini overhears this. She is shocked and hurt. Gayatri declares in front of the media that Rajvir is not leaving. Rajvir is furious hearing this and argues with Gayatri. Ambika supports Rajvir, but Gayatri says things that hurt him and he leaves. Just then CBI officers come with a search warrant and inform Gayatri that if proven wrong, she can go to jail. Everyone is shocked.

Episode 31, 27th November Wednesday – Nandini sees the news of Gayatri on house arrest. Just then she remenbers she has to go home early and leaves. On her way home, she meets Rajvir who is frustrated and takes it out on Nandini. She informs him about Gayatri’s house arrest and he gets really worried. He leaves immediately and  drops Nandini to her home which is on the way. Nandini reaches home and meetsa guy named Rahul and her parents who have come to see her for a Rishta. Meanwhile Rajvir reaches his house and gets angry seeing all this chaos. He sees his mother Gayatri being questioned. He insists on seeing her and Gayatri emotionally convinces him to stay back.

Episode 32, 28th November Thursday – Nandini’s Rishta is fixed. Rajvir announces in media that he is not going back and we reveal that the CBI officer who was planted by Gayatri, goes back as his work is done. Another bouquet reaches Nandini’s house and everyone assumes it’s from R for Rajvir. Pappu informs Abhay about Nandini’s marriage being fixed and he decides to break it somehow. Rahul, Nandini’s fiancee, calls her up asking about the bouquet and she realizes its R for Rahul, not Rajvir. He asks if they could meet for a coffee. Rahul and Nandini meet for coffee and a girl planted by Abhay, creates a misunderstanding between the two. Nandini comes home and tells the truth about Rahul and that girl. Family is upset and shocked.

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