Delhi loves Daddy-Delhi gives thumbs up to Mumbaicha Daddy

Delhi loves Daddy-Delhi gives thumbs up to Mumbaicha Daddy


Arjun Rampal’s  Daddy has taken the capital by storm. The gritty thriller based on the life of gangster politician Arun Gawli was appreciated  by the audience who watched it in Delhi last night. The Delhi fraternity also got lucky because they were the first ones to watch the anticipated film before anyone else as Arjun was in the city for promotions.

A performance heavy film, Daddy is the story of notorious criminal Arun Gawli whose life has never been brought alive on the big screen before. Gawli who ruled the underworld in Mumbai in the late 1980’s and early 90’s has one of the most entertaining and thrilling real life stories. Director Ashim Ahluwalia and Arjun Rampal successfully brought the story of Gawli alive on the big screen captivating the audience with its realistic storyline and treatment.
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Those who watched Daddy were moved by performances of the cast  lead by Arjun. The Arun Gawli that people knew was the one painted by the media, but the film is an accurate and realistic depiction of the real Gawli.

The Delhi social circle and celebrities who watched the film on Wednesday loved how close the film came in narrating the story of Gawli and his life. A lot of praise for Daddy came not only because of the performances but also the effort the director and the team took to build the right atmosphere.

Daddy released on 8th September.