Dekha Ek Khwab- Sony Entertainm​ent Television (25th Apri)

Moniya is shocked when jay tells her that Akash was dead. She leaves the room in anger and Jay follows her and says that she would prove it. She plugs in her cell phone to television and plays the video she had, of Akash and Udaybeer, but the video she plays, is different. We reveal that the day Udaybeer had gone to kiss jay, he had changed the cell phone and deleted the original video and pasted another, the one jay had just played. Jay could not believe that Uday had done such a thing and she gets furious. Raajmata asks her to apologies  to Moniya and Moniya too demands an apology being the new princess. Jay apologizes but still angry, she leaves.

Chikki comes to meet Moniya and she gets shocked on seeing how transformed her friend was. Though a bit apprehensive about Moniya being treated like a queen, Chikki at first feels odd but then relaxes and enjoys her time with her best friend when she realizes she was still the same and hasn’t changed.

Uday and Raajmata congratulate each other on finally bringing Moniya to this phase of her life and making her the princess of Devgarh despite all the problems.

Tune In to Dekha Ek Khwaab on Sony Entertainment television on 25th April 2012