Deepika saves the day.

Deepika saves the day.

Deepika Padukone...

Deepika Padukone was recently seen tying a journalist’s show lace while she was in Chandigarh promoting her latest release Tamasha.

The actress who spotted the shoe laces untied and loose thought that the reporter might just trip and fall cause of the laces, therefore while the reporter was interviewing her along with Ranbir and Imtiaz, Deepika quietly kneeled down tied her laces tight, the reporter just couldn’t get over what just happened and was pleasantly surprised.

She couldn’t get over the act and thanked Deepika till the end and Deepika just hugged her and interacted over the city and the delicious food that Chandigarh offers each time when they visit the city once the interview was over.

Tamasha which released last weekend has been giving Deepika immense appreciation from across audiences and industry folks. Her performance has been one of the talking points amongst people and the actress continues to thank people who are calling her with all praises. Infact the team also organised an impromptu success party day before yesterday which saw several celebrities attend the party.

When contacted, spokesperson confirmed the news.