Dabangg Creates ‘Suron Ke Dabangg’

Dabangg Creates ‘Suron Ke Dabangg’
Dabangg Channel, catering to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal
has been accepted and loved by its audiences, thus making it the number one
channel for almost a year.
After creating popular shows like Bahut Khoob and Kya Samachar Hai, Dabangg
Channel is coming up with yet another entertaining singing reality show “Suron Ke
Dabangg – Kisme Kitna Hai Dum”.

As the name suggests, this show is a musical reality based show, which will
see established and well-known singers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar regions
competing against each other.
What makes Suron Ke Dabangg different from other singing reality shows on
television? Well the answer is the ultimate face off between both the sexes – Men
v/s Women!!! The fight between who is the best, man or woman is very archaic,
yet fun. Suron Ke Dabangg will ensure that the audience will get the best of both
the sexes through their terrific singing.

Suron Ke Dabangg is produced by M House Arts Pvt Ltd. In the judges’ panel, we
have our very own desi Popstar Baba Sehgal, the very talented Deepa Narayan, the
famous Bollywood music director Dilip Sen and Smt. Kumkum Roy Choudhary. With
their enormous experience in the music field, they will make sure that they choose
the ultimate ‘Suron Ke Dabangg!’

Auditions have been done and singers have been finalized. Suron Ke Dabangg is
scheduled to be telecasted in August, 2012.