Contestants feel the nomination heat in Bigg Boss 11!

Contestants feel the nomination heat in Bigg Boss 11!

First nomination picture on Bigg Boss season 11

Bigg Boss 11: Synopsis Day 2 :

Barely two days into the Bigg Boss house and contestants have started to reveal their true self. The day starts with Hina Khan and Benafsha Soonawala getting a surprise true Bigg Boss way! Bringing in their birthday with strangers, Hina and Benafsha are treated to a grand birthday cake.


As the day progresses, Hina Khan is tasked with mopping the floor. In true kaam-wali-bai style, Hina takes on the responsibility of cleaning the bathroom with a pocha – what a day to celebrate your birthday!

With everyday chores being handled by gharwalas, the padosis are given their first task. Bigg Boss asks them to come together as a family and work on a backstory that binds them all togehter.

All contestants are in for a HUGE Shocker as Bigg Boss announces the first ever nomination of the season. Adding to the winding roads to twists, it is announced that the gharwale have to make this this nomination in public with a valid reason supporting their decision. Much is revealed in this public nomination and contestants soon realize the worth of keeping their guard up. There is a face-off between reality show queen Benafasha Soonawala and commoner Jyoti Kumari; with Jyoti telling Benafsha not to order her around and mind her own business.

Everyone has gathered about the dinner table and a conversation between the contestants leads to Vikas Gupta losing his temper against Akash. Things get ugly as Vikas tells Akash that he is not fit to be on the show and is commenting on everyone’s personal life for attention. Akash is also told that he needs to change his behavior. Soon, all contestants, barring Shilpa are against him.

Meanwhile, the padosis are given a special power to turn things around – they have the authority to save 1 person from nomination and add 2 people to the nomination roster.

Looks like no one is safe from elimination in the Bigg Boss 11 House

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