Club 60 Mahurat : dated 12th may, 2012

Club 60 Mahurat : dated 12th may, 2012

‘Life’ is a Member Here

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The Mahurat of the feature film “Club 60”, a light hearted movie which is guaranteed to bring out some optimism in your life, saw the complete star cast of the movie along with the production team on board.  In a country where a large number of movies are made and released consistently, here stands out a concept which will take the movie to the top. And since this is supported by a team of good veteran actors like Farooq Sheikh, Sarika, Satish Shah, Tinu anand, Raghubir Yadav and Sharat Saxena then there is no better movie to wait for.

A movie which has a byline of “life’ is a member here”, Club 60 had an eventful Mahurat with the director and writer Mr. Sanjay Tripathy speaking about his inspiration and the process of writing the script for this film. On the occasion of the mahurat “Club 60” – his baby, writer-director Sanjay Tripathy said “This story is inspired from my personal experience and a close observation of people whom I interacted with in a south Mumbai club when I joined it four years ago. They largely inspire the characters of this script.”

Club 60 provides a sneak a peek into the lives of youthful people who are not 60 years old but 60 years YOUNG and hence have a zest to live their lives on their own terms. The Plot of Club 60 surrounds the fact that any pain however intense can be overcome. It’s a movie which in its own unique way creates a positive impact towards life.

The characters of this film are not the ones who sit in an old age home,  indulged in self-pity, counting their days and monthly pension. Instead they live life on their own terms. Their lives revolve around the tennis court of a club, where they go berserk. They play, fight, abuse or even bitch.  They can very well put 16 year olds to shame when they talk of wine, women and sex. But can this no-holds-barred life of these naughty and dirty old men- as they are outwardly perceived- actually inspire a dejected couple to fall back in love with life again? That’s the question which CLUB 60 answers.

Club 60 – A movie based on a team of five naughty 60 years YOUNG who enjoy life on their own terms and how they inspire a depressed and dejected couple to come to terms with life again. Meet them in club 60 only to realize that ‘life actually begins at 60’. The film is an emotional roller coaster ride, which will sensitize people without being serious.