Claudia Ciesla’s beauty secrets

Who says only German engineering is numberone? If you are amongst those who thinks the same then change your mind. ThisGerman bombshell is sure to blow your mind off. Claudia Ciesla first seen in aninternational film “Karma”, she came back to rock the nation in Big Boss season3.She  is amongst those rare foreigntalents Indian industry is gifted with.

No sooner do you meet this green eyed doll shebecomes an eye candy, such is her personality. How does she maintain herbeautiful looks and a well sculpted athletic body? The Starlet admits that shefollows a rigorous exercise regime. “Itry regularly to catch up with my schedules for dancing, yoga, swimming, horseriding and gymming. They are my power houses for stamina and also in a way aremy stress busters. It keeps me toned, flexible, agile and youthful.” She isalso strict about her diet and avoids any complicated and fattening food. “Isupplement it with all kind of seasonal fruits and juices. My preference forthe summer are watermelon slices, kiwi, grape juice which I love and of courseI consume plenty of water and keep one with me always. It keeps me, my skinglowing and makes me look fresh all the time.”

Claudia is all set to sizzle the screen withher fresh looks in the next Punjabi film called Yaar Pardesi and will also beseen in Sunny Deol starter film Bhaiyyaji Superhit.