“Citadel is an attempt to blend in audiences from across the world”, says Priyanka Chopra Jonas in an IMDb exclusive

“Citadel is an attempt to blend in audiences from across the world”, says Priyanka Chopra Jonas in an IMDb exclusive

The Russo Brothers’ (Anthony & Joe) much-anticipated global spy thriller Citadel, starring Priyanka Chopra JonasRichard Madden and Stanley Tucci, released yesterday for audiences worldwide. Speaking with IMDb in their exclusive segment ‘On The Scene’, actors Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Richard Madden, Stanley Tucci, and showrunner David Wei shared behind the scene details of filming and what they aim to achieve from the series.

About helping each other during shooting, Richard said, “We needed each other to work out what was happening, who we were playing, and what information we got because we wanted the story to be as clear as possible on screen. So, we had to develop a way of communicating, like where are we now? What do you know? What information is not yet revealed? What character are you playing right now? And then, on top of that, some characters lie to each other.”

David mentioned, “These actors are playing multiple characters and timelines with different pieces of information that their character may or may not know. So, it wasn’t only me being there to help prep or prime Priyanka or Richard, but they also prepped me. We were in constant communication because this story is so complex.”

Talking about the global aspect of the franchise, Priyanka said, “That’s the beauty and fun of the show. We’re trying to blend in all the audiences.” David added, “Every other week, we have this global writers’ room where we get on a Zoom call and speak of ideas and histories. And I may have an idea for Italy, they may have an idea for India, and they may have an idea for the U.S. series, so we’re just in constant conversation and collaboration.”

The cast was also asked that if an action figure was based on them, what accessories would they want it to have.

Priyanka said: “I am very fascinated with listening devices. I want to know what people say after leaving a room. I want to know what they say once you leave the room. Really cool listening devices, or there’s one that we use where you just put a lighter next to somebody else’s phone and have all the data. I think there’s something fun about that.”

Richard said: “The watch that turns into a hologram version of yourself. You could send him around to do things, errand running, boring meetings. I could send the hologram so the action figure would have the little drone that flies; that would be so cool.”

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