Ciemme Entertainment Pvt ltd. Headed by Shri. Vikrambhai Shah, Launched their first maiden venture Hindi Movie “SHREE” Music and First Promo Look !

Ciemme Entertainment Pvt ltd. Headed by Shri. Vikrambhai Shah, Launched their first maiden venture Hindi Movie “SHREE” Music and First Promo Look in the Presence of Respected Media and Special Invites on 2nd April, 2013 evening at Grand Imperial banquets Andheri, Mumbai.

The Event was been anchored by “Heeral Turakhia” who introduced the entire cast and crew to the press media. “Rajesh Bachchani” debutant director of this film has been earlier associated and worked for 12 years in TV Industry as a writer for Comedy Circus& Nach Baliye. Rajesh shared the film making journey of “Shree” was a dream come true for him.

Star Cast like Hussain kuwajerwala, Paresh Ganatra, Rio Kapadia, Paritosh Sand, KC Shankar& Jeetendra were present at the event and they all shared they experience in the Press meet. Hussain kuwajerwala is debuting from this film & pretty excited and eagerly awaiting the positive response from the Audience .As he talks about his promising role in movie and says that the role he played in this movie is very close to his heart and one of his favorite performance ever played by him….

The Unveiling of Music Launch was been done by Shri. Mahendrabhai Shah (CMD of C.Mahendra Exports Ltd). Music is been given by Talaash (the Band of Seekers) & Claver Menzes lyrics by Rajesh Bachchani and sung by Sharib Sabri, Sugandha Mishra, Claver Menzes Anita Uniyal, Vikas Bhave & Rahul Shrivastava . Talaash (the Band of Seekers) & Claver Menzes shared with the press media that all the song in the film are been put as per the situation and requirement of the film.

“Shree” is all set for release on 26th April, 2013

Ciemme Entertainment Pofile :

Ciemme Entertainment is a group company of C.Mahendra Exports Limited. It’s a lifestyle – luxury product group.

Ciemme Entertainment is a unique ‘Talent Discovery & Launch Platform’ for the Indian film and entertainment industry.

Our mission is to conceptualize commission and execute film, and other entertainment projects with the sole purpose of providing life-altering opportunities for the aspiring talent in India and beyond.

Ciemme Entertainment intends to work with leading filmmakers across the country to launch and produce film projects and make all the talent opportunities in these projects (e.g., acting, singing, dancing, choreography, song-writing, script writing, music direction etc.) available to aspiring talent across India and beyond. While providing an ongoing stream of real, significant and diverse opportunities for fresh talent.
Ciemme Entertainment will also finance and produce each film ensuring that while filmmakers enjoy complete creative freedom and enable them to achieve their artistic vision without compromise, all fresh talent for these films are exclusively selected from the community through a transparent process.

About the Film:

SHREE, an ordinary man, works at a telecom company. In love with girl but cannot marry yet as need to make some basic money. Randhawa, a wealthy businessman, in his ceaseless pursuit of power, has zeroed in on Shree as his last guinea pig. Shree is the last piece of puzzle of a scientific experiment, devised by a brilliant scientist, supported by commissioner of police and funded by Randhawa.

If successful, it could change the fate of their lives and that of the whole world. Lured in by promise of a bright and successful future, Shree trade in 12 hours of his life. Randhawa offers him 20 lakhs for participating in a experiment which will last for 12 hours. He trust them and needs the money, excitedly Shree trade in 12 hours of his life. But as soon as these 12 hours start, he finds that his simple life has been turned upside down.

Accused of murdering the scientist, the commissioner of police and many more people. Shree an ordinary man, now is the most wanted man in the city. Now must use his wit and intelligence to prove his innocence. Now he must rise above the ordinary, and become Extraordinary.