CID to solve mystery of a woman in white sari

CID to solve mystery of a woman in white sari

This week CID team will encounter a ghostly intruder. However, they are set to shock viewers with this case.

The story starts when Vishal and his friend Mayank witness a woman in a white sari and payal committing suicide from an under construction building. However, when they reach the building, there is no dead body to be seen. Still relieving from the shock, when the duo go to see a girl for Vishal the next day, theya re left stunned to find out she is the same girl who had committed suicide!

On confronting the family, they learn that Shruti has no idea of anything. But once again, they both see Shruti in the same sari and to confirm this time they call up at her house and are surprised to know that she is at home. Wondering how she4 could be in two places at the same time, they decide to get to dig deeper and solve the mystery. Things when complicated when Vishal is forced to marry Shruti! On the day of their wedding, Vishal’s servant Ramu is killed and the witness says that she saw Shruti leaving the house.

Is Shruti hiding something? Who is the woman in white? Will CID team be able to help Vishal and Mayank get to the root of the case?  

To find out catch CID, this Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 10pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!