Chrissy Chambers stars in ‘Mumbhai Connection’

Chrissy Chambers stars in ‘Mumbhai Connection’

Hollywood actress Chrissy Chambers will be seen in the upcoming gangster comedy film ‘Mumbhai Connection‘. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the actress was thrilled to work with Hollywood actor Rafiq Batcha (Drop Dead Diva, Halt and Catch Fire) and TNA Impact wrestler Eli Jones.

The movie is about a sales guy caught in the midst of a conspiracy and stuck in the dark world of IT. Chrissy Chambers plays Angela and had a supporting role in the movie.

Chrissy jelled well with lead actor Rafiq and discussed all her fitness queries with Eli Jones. She used to have long chats with director Atlanta Nagendra, who has a cameo in the flick.

The beauty has worked with the likes of Oscar winning actors Sandra Bullock in ‘The Blind Side‘ and Matthew McConaughey in the inspirational ‘We Are Marshall’. She also plays a significant part in the ongoing TV series ‘Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell‘.

Her last released short film, ‘Obsessive Reaction’ was critically acclaimed and she even featured in country singer Carl Danger’s music video.

‘Mumbhai Connection’ is directed by South Indian director-writer Atlanta Nagendra. The Indo-American flick presented by Mowgli Productions.