Chhota Bheem now comes to Worldoo

Chhota Bheem now comes to Worldoo


New Delhi,  Chhota Bheem, India’s favourite cartoon and animation series hero is now on worldoo – the first of its kind ‘ever-evolving online ecosystem’ for kids, launched this April and is showing signs of popularity with kids of the age group between 6-12. Worldoo and Chhota Bheem’s web partnership comes at a time, when the latter has launched its second film.

Kids in worldoo can watch Chhota Bheem videos, play Chhota Bheem games, read Comics, choose Chhota Bheem avatars and design their homes with specially designed Chhota Bheem themes as well. Chhota Bheem’s inclusion in worldoo enhances the user experience by continuing to promote the best of the content across a kid’s world of interest.

“Worldoo promotes popular content for young minds and Chhota Bheem is one of the most iconic characters, today. Kids can express themselves by bringing Chhota Bheem to their homes on ‘worldoo’ and much more.” said Mr. Harsh Wardhan Dave, Head Experience and Brand, Worldoo.

“We are very happy to associate with Worldoo, their concept is very unique and opens up a wonderful world for children” said Mr. Srinivas Chilakalapudi, Vice – President, Strategy, Green Gold Animation.

About Worldoo

‘worldoo’ is “a first-of-its-kind online platform where kids can acquire the right blend of knowledge, fun and express their imagination seamlessly. ‘worldoo’ is an ever evolving ecosystem, where learning is fun and quality time is spent by kids. ‘worldoo’ is the world’s first destination on the web that offers kids a unique interactive experience where they can LIVE, EXPRESS and PLAY. Kids can consume the most popular content from their world of interests and earn virtual currency (Stars) by doing so. They can then express their creativity and ownership by designing their home and spend their earnings in a virtual store. ‘worldoo’ creates engaging experiences for kids as it offers activities, interaction and content, all in one place.