Chhanchhan – 21st August 21:00hrs

Chhanchhan – 21st  August 21:00hrs


In the episode,  Chhanchhan  and Manav come to kaumudi completely equipped…we see they are carrying English newspaper, reading material… Chhanchhan is carrying heels…they have fork, knife etc. with them…Manav and Chhanchhan are in the room… Manav feels that they need not worry as Mugut is angry with Mayuri…but Chhanchhan says that he is angry but Mayuri can win him over. She says that thodi narazgi se kuch nahi hoga…Mugut could anytime go back as the rift between the two is temporary… Chhanchhan and Maanav walk into the room, Uma is choosing saree to wear for the function… Chhanchhan asks if she needed them… Uma nods and says- Mugut hasn’t yet said YES to take Kaumudi along, I am so worried.

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