Chhanchhan – 21:00hrs -1st May

Chhanchhan – 21:00hrs –1st May

In tommorrow’s episode as Umaben tries to pick up Chhanchhan’s call on Manav’s mobile dog barks at Chhanchhan’s place and Umaben cannot here properly. Chhanchhan , Manav , Hitesh and Purvi meet at restaurant where Purvi agrees to marry Hitesh. Chhanchhan and Manav plans to shop for their wedding as they know there friends choice.

Hitesh parents come to meet Umaben where Umaben says that she has found a perfect match for Hitesh.  Hitesh’s parents are tensed and they inform the same to Hitesh. Hitesh is disappointed about Umaben’s decision. Umaben and Matilal have a conversation regarding the court work and Matilal shows his trust in Umaben and Umaben tells him that she will personally go to court and do the work. Himanshu calls Umaben and informs that girl is coming to meet them at the park.

Next morning Himanshu and Umaben reach at to park. Where Chhanchhan is already waiting for them. They wait for each other without knowing that they are waiting at the same spot suddenly Chhanchhan gets a call from mother informing about Jahapana’s illness. Chhanchhan text to Himanshu that she needs to rush due to some urgent work. While Umaben and Himanshu are busy in reading message chhanchhan passes in front of them. Umaben gets upset as she miss a chance to meet a girl of Manav’s Choice.

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