Chef Vikas Khanna misses his school days!

Chef Vikas Khanna misses his school days!

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It looks like the ‘back to school’ season has everyone missing their childhood days. Back then, our biggest difficulties included comprehending heavy subjects and too much homework. But did we ever think of the person on the other side? It never crossed our mind to wonder how much homework our teacher needs to do to make our learning fun! Chef Vikas Khanna, today, realized the importance of his school teacher ‘Simran Ma’am’ after watching Quaker’s new digital film ‘Fuel For The Real Fit’. It defines ‘real fit’ as those young Indians who do regular jobs like a teacher or a doctor, and effortlessly multi-task each day. The film walks you down the memory lane and showcases how your playschool teacher did so much more to add an element of fun to your learning. The film makes you understand that your teacher was made from nothing less than the ‘real fit’ gene.

In the post on his official Facebook page, Vikas Khanna not only spoke fondly of his one ‘Simran Ma’am’, pegging her as the ‘real fit’ but also asked Disha Patani who her ‘real fit’ hero is! He wrote:

“In a world obsessed with physical appearances, take a moment to salute the real fit heroes around us!

Working on this beautiful film I remembered Simran ma’am from school who supported me and helped me through my struggling school days, battling with English, Science, Maths, Physical Education. She helped me with my confidence and always found time to guide me.

Simran ma’am, looking back, managing all the notorious children in our huge classroom in Amritsar, each requiring individual attention, running from one classroom to the other, checking our tests. especially with my ‘hawribal’ English 😉 to me, that is real fitness. I salute you for your physical and mental strength. I salute you as my Real Fit hero!

Tagging my friend Disha Patani – Who is your Real Fit hero, Disha? Quaker India #FuelForTheRealFit


The well-known actress Disha Patani, inspired by Vikas’ question to her, wrote about her school days and how her teacher molded the person she is today. In fact, so reminiscent was she, that she even tagged her other B-town friends – R Madhavan, Swapnil Shinde and Kiara Advani. She wrote:

Thank you for sharing Vikas Khanna ! This film really takes you down memory lane. I was so super fortunate to have a teacher like #DimpleMam. She taught me that success is defined as how many times you find the strength to get up after a fall. She made me realise my potential and that I could truly be whoever I wanted to be, if I believed in myself. She was full of energy and always there for us. Today, I know how much she did to be the teacher she was to us! She indeed is my ‘real fit’.

So inspired after watching this video, you guys have to watch and tell me who’s your ‘real fit’! R Madhavan Quaker India Swapnil Shinde Kiara Advani #FuelForTheRealFit