Cheetah girl Nazia Shaikh in Krrish 3

Cheetah girl Nazia Shaikh in Krrish 3

Nazia Shaikh, a well known face in the fashion industry has bagged the role of Cheetah girl in Krrish 3. No doubt she seems very amused.

According to the sources, K-3 makers wanted someone teensy-weensy and sexy, but with good acting abilities to play the character. The part also requires someone with good flexibility and quick reflexes. The petite actor fit the bill perfectly.
Nazia, seen in the first exclusive trailer, was thrilled to be a part of the Krrish franchise. When the part was first offered to her, she couldn`t believe it. She was very excited. All the senior actors were stunned by her powerhouse performance. The entire unit was very supportive of her and the fair maiden was high on comfort.
Having bagged a dream role in a dream project, it seems that her time has come. It`s time for the Bolly-world to notice her..