Charuvi Design Labs (CDL) presents a 12 minute 3D vision on Hanuman Chalisa – The Resurgence of the ‘Vayuputra’

Charuvi Design Labs (CDL) presents a 12 minute 3D vision on Hanuman Chalisa – The Resurgence of the ‘Vayuputra’

Imparting Tangible Realism to the surreal ‘Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Saagar’

Allowing imaginations to soar beyond the realm of ancient scriptures, Charuvi Design Labs have conjured the art of ‘living the experience’ with the launch of the 3D animated film on Hanuman Chalisa which complements the emerging trend of augmenting 3D animation movies with technology taking a meaningful plunge in recreating aestheticism by Charuvi Design Labs. Gearing towards a realistic replication of the 17th century hymn, the Hanuman Chalisa will transform lives by imparting spiritual connotations in monotonous existence. The 12 minutes animated film is a visual metaphoric representation of the verses of Hanuman Chalisa in a captivating and enriching way to help the layman understand the literal meaning of each verse and feel the essence of the lyrics. To pervade the senses for eternity, the experience will ve further enhanced by the launch of interactive Shri Hanuman Chalisa app (IOS/Android tablets) and sale of limited edition book along with other fascinating merchandise.

 Charuvi Agrawal
Founder & Director-Charuvi Design Labs


Charuvi has evolved as an artist and as a person with each element of learning inculcated from diverse cultures. Stroking life into her creations, Charuvi has imparted a pervasive zeal into art that has garnered extensive appreciation and imparted a forte of ‘extraordinaire’ to every creation. Exuding rarity of thoughts and imagination, Charuvi has emerged as one of the most revolutionary artists to have impressed critics and has been bestowed critical acclaim across the globe.

A graduate in Computer Animation from Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Canada and a gold medallist in Fine Arts from College of Art, New Delhi, she transformed her vision into reality with the formation of Charuvi Design Labs. Charuvi has won many accolades including being featured in the celebrated Limca Book of Records (2007) for her exemplary work in creating a new form of caricature called “Claytronics” – miniature clay sculptures of contemporary political figures. Bequeathed as the emerging 10 who would transform the global artistic landscape…” at the ‘Incredible India@60’ Festival in New York by Coca Cola where select 60 Luminaries by Coca Cola were felicitated, Charuvi has become a name to reckon with in the creative realm.

Her entrepreneurial debut embraced a wide range of artistic and creative activities. Recognised at prestigious festivals across the world with numerous awards, her work has surpassed the realm of creativity and aestheticism. The bold approach to her work and the tangible manifestation of her imagination stemmed from her formative years as a student and as an entrepreneur at par.

Aestheticism and novelty exude through every piece of art and appeal to all the five senses. She has a remarkable ability to tackle various facets of film and art works with a unique style and treatment. Her endeavours are always geared towards transforming lives and in empowering individuals through her discourses and oration at prominent forums including the widely acknowledged Siggraph and India Design Forum. Her initiative today has become a think tank for growing designers from all over India.

About Charuvi Design Labs Private Limited

CDL is an incredibly diverse studio with unrivalled creative and technical expertise. It’s a think tank, a space for experimentation, exploration, and development. The two worlds today ‐ the physical and the virtual world have not only been moving towards each other, but now this convergence seems to have pushed each world past the point of overlap. The real world seems to be getting more strange and artificial, while the virtual world is looking more natural and authentic all the time. CDL lives in this zone of overlap, seeking to map this new terrain and to bring forward the new visual experiences. Formed to design not only the animated content but also the interactive and innovative media installations along with applications, games,. Extending seamless service in the domain of production, animation and direction, CDL focuses on producing and creating original content with international appeal and promoting Indian heritage. CDL is an independent studio that has majorly worked on its recently finished IP, “Shri Hanuman Chalisa” that includes the film, interactive installations and applications around the theme of the film, few projects from TERI, NFB & various animation bits.