Charosa Estate Wines Launches India’s Finest Wine Brand, Charosa Vineyards Charosa Vineyards is a toast to fine wine, friends and conversations

Charosa Estate Wines Launches India’s Finest Wine Brand, Charosa Vineyards


Charosa Vineyards is a toast to fine wine, friends and conversations

Charosa Estate Wines is pleased to announce the launch of India’s Finest Wine Brand, Charosa Vineyards. It is the 1st ever Indian Wine Brand named after the Charosa region in Nashik, the wine capital of India, and the birthplace of Charosa Estate Wines.

Set amidst a sprawling 230 acres, the Charosa Vineyards in the Dindori-Niphad-Satara area of Nashik boasts of the finest wine-friendly weather and soil where every drop of wine created here is a delight. Featuring 5 of the finest quality, Charosa Vineyards brings to you the delightful world of fruit flavored new-world wines: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier .

They say a great palate and nose is akin to the golden goose for winemakers, and many reputations are built around the ability to blend masterfully and consistently, a pleasurable task executed with aplomb by the wine tasters and vintners at Charosa. Keeping this in mind, two varietals- Reserve Tempranillo & Viognier have been launched by Charosa Vineyards– A first of its kind to be introduced by a domestic brand in India.

Reserve Tempranillo is dark ruby red in color, and is filled with rich Coconut, Vanilla, Chocolate and Raspberry aromas. A medium-bodied wine which has an excellent concentration of warm red fruit flavors like Raspberry, Strawberry and Plum, distinctly ripe and fleshy. Tempranillo Reserve is a well-balanced wine which signs off with a perfectly round and soft finish.

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark, ruby red wine is blessed with complex aromas – ripe fruits, Black Olive, Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Chocolate and a hint of sweet spice. On the palate, this full-bodied wine is rich and soft. It expresses ripe fruits like Plum and Raspberry and finishes with well-balanced tannins.

Selections Shiraz is a blend of fresh dark fruits like Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry and Vanilla lends to its toasty aroma. This ruby red, mid palate wine expresses ripe red fruit and mature tannins, and boasts of a great spicy finish with a hint of Oak.

Selections Sauvignon Blanc is a wine comes alive with intense tropical flavors of Gooseberry and Orange. This bright, straw-yellow, mid-palate wine is broad, balanced and quite rich with tropical fruits and a grassy mineral freshness.

Selections Viognier is a wine that boasts of a very rich, fruity floral nose, displaying aromas of sweet spices like Cinnamon and delicate Apricot. This bright, straw-yellow wine has a full palate, and a soft silky texture imparted by short aging in new French Oak barrels.

Artfully crafted, Charosa Vineyards is all set to create an Indian wine brand that is on par with the best internationally.

Charosa Vineyards is all set to launch its Pleasure Series this December 2013.

The Varietals Are Priced At:

  • Reverses Cabernet Sauvignon – Rs. 1500
  • Reverses Tempranillo – Rs. 1500
  • Selections Sauvignon_Blanc Rs. 750
  • Selections Shiraz – Rs. 800
  • Selections Viognier Rs. 750





Charosa Vineyards is available at all key retail outlets in Mumbai such as:


  • All Godrej Nature Basket Stores; Haiko Supermarket, Reliance stores
  • POWAIStar wines;
  • CRAWFORD MARKET  – PK wines, Shah Wines;
  • HUGHES RDSovereign Wines;
  • DADARModern Wines;
  • JUHUJuben Wines;
  • MULUNDMahalaxhmi Wines;
  • CUFF PARADEPatel Wines;
  • MALADCrystal Wines, GK wines, Joseph Lawerence Wines, Chincoli wines;
  • BANDRAPinky wines, Jude Wines, Kashmir Wines;
  • ANDHERIAradhana Wines;
  • BORIVALISushmita Wines;
  • WADALAPick up wines