“CHARFUTIYA CHHOKARE” Releasing 1st August 2014


Releasing 1st August 2014


Sunill Khosla & Vibha Dutta Khosla produced “CHARFUTIYA CHHOKARE”, is the story of an NRI girl Neha Tandon

who is  coming back to India to start a school in her parent’s native village. Optimistic and happy about her endeavor, she is unaware of the hardships, obstructions and risks awaiting her in this small serene village.

Her meeting with three boys Awadhesh, Hari and Gorakh is pleasant and happy but it’s the beginning of a nightmare. Hardcore criminals, these three boys become center of her activities. She vows to stops the criminal and sexual exploitation of children in the village. Her meeting with Janaki – mother of one of the boy, Awadesh- explains the deeply embedded political-criminal nexus in the system. Neha is resolute to free the three of them from the world of crime.

Will she succeed or she will have to accept the terms and conditions set by criminals in the region? Will there be a revolution of change in this small village?

Wave Cinema & Ponty Chadha Presentation

Banner – Maxor Movies

Producer – Sunill Khosla & Vibha Dutta Khosla

Written, Edited & Director – Manish Harishankar (chief associate of Raj Kumar Santoshi)

DOP – V Bala

Action Director – Firoze Khan

Art Director – Rais Khan

Music – Abhijit-Sameer

Sound Designing – Sandeep Dange, Audio lab, Aditya and Sound Forest Studio

Media Consultant – Neelam Gupta

NR2 –The Image Engineers

Star Cast – Soha Ali Khan, Seema Biswas, Zakir Hussain, Mukesh Tiwari, Lekh Tandon

Child actor – Harsh Mayar (I am Kalam fame), Shankar Mandal  and Aditya Jaiswal

Shoot Locations – Kolhapur & Mumbai

Length of the Film – 2 hours

Genre – Social Drama