Chalo Jeete Hain’s trailer out

Chalo Jeete Hain’s trailer out

Chalo Jeete Hain Trailer OUT

July 29 will see the release of a short film titled ‘Chalo Jeete Hain’ that is a shining example of living for others as the meaningful way to live.

Set in early post Independence era, ‘Chalo Jeete Hain’ is an inspiring short film around a formative incident in the life of a young boy destined to serve the nation. The impressionable boy while reading a book by Swami Vivekanand is struck hard by a quote  –  “Wahi jeete hain, jo doosro ke liye jeete hain.” On the quest for meaning of life, he tries to pursue what he can do for others in his small world. The film is all about finding purpose to life.

The social drama of 32 minutes, is directed by Mangesh Hadawale, whose debut Marathi film Tingya (2008) has won 57 national and international awards.

The film’s production values are noteworthy and it is shot fantastically in a way that brings the small town of Vadnagar in Gujarat to life.

Produced by Mahaveer Jain and Bhushan Kumar, Chalo Jeete Hain will have its world premiere on Star Newtork and its OTT platform Hotstar on July 29.

Chalo Jeete Hain’s trailer was released digitally today.


Producer/Director’s note:

We believe living is an ‘art.  “Jeevan jeena ek kala hai.”  If we live ‘only’ for ourselves, we are missing an opportunity to experience the ‘joy’ of sharing, the expansion that ‘compassion’ brings, the uplifting feeling an act of kindness leaves us with.

The ‘right’ way to live is with belongingness and sensitivity. Hence it is natural that we will want to do something for others, extend ‘our’ hand first, help whenever ‘we’ can , “Wahi jeete hai, jo kisi aur ke liye Jeete hai”.

 Surprisingly, pride has been attached to all the ‘wrong’ qualities like aggression, self-centeredness and materialism. We need to bring a shift in this mindset. We need to re-enforce the faith of people in the power of ‘good’, in the ‘magnanimity’ of sharing. We need to make kindness ‘fashionable’ again. We need to glorify ‘selfless’ living.

Inspired by the life of a small boy, Naru, this short film is an effort to portray the power of goodness, the happiness it leaves us with! Make someone feel good and feel good yourself! It’s that simple.