CFSI produced films, Goopi Gawaiyaa Bagha Bajaiyaa and Kaphal to be showcased at MAMI

CFSI produced films, Goopi Gawaiyaa Bagha Bajaiyaa and Kaphal to be showcased at MAMI
It is a matter of pride for the Children’s Film Society India that two of its films will be screened at the prestigious Mumbai Academy of Moving Images Festival this year. The films, “Goopi Gawaiyaa Bagha Bajaiyaa” directed by Shilpa Ranade will be screened in the India Gold Competition category and Mukhtiar Batul’s Kaphal (Wild Berries) will be screened in the New Faces in Indian Cinema section. 

Goopi Gawaiyaa Bagha Bajaiyaa is an Adaptation of Satyajit Ray’s 1969 film and it is an animated version of the world of Goopi and Bagha, two “musicians” who are banished from their kingdoms as their music is cacophonic. They play their instruments in the forest and impress the King of Ghosts who gives them many boons like magical shoes and delicious food. The film has been lauded at the BUSAN Film Festival and at the Toronto International Film Festival, among others.

Kaphal is about two village boys dealing with the return of their father to their village and he has returned a changed man. So they take the help of the local witch and they learn lessons about how magic can be unpredictable and things are not what they seem.
Associate professor at IIT, Shilpa Ranade, director of Goopi Gawaiyaa Bagha Bajaiyaa says, “CFSI has been  an exceptionally supportive producer and this has allowed me to make a film which explores all aspects of what I feel is a truly indigenous film for children, a film that Indian in its content and imagery and one they can relate to and enjoy and call their own.”

Amole Gupte, Chairman, Children’s Film Society India says, “It is a proud moment for CFSI. All the credit goes to Shilpa Ranade and Batul Muktiar! And kudos to Nandita Das for supporting the two fabulous filmmakers.”
These films will also be screened at the upcoming 18th International Children’s Film Festival India to be held in Hyderabad from November 14-20, 2013.